Do You Need Gun Liability Insurance?

gun liability insurance

Bearing arms might be a right in the United States, but owning a gun comes with some extra risks. 500 people die from unintentional firearm injuries every year. Over a third of them were the result of improper handling by children. More than 4.6 million children live in homes with at least 1 unlocked gun. 75% of school shootings are carried out by children who have access to unsecured and unsupervised weapons in the home. Given how prominent school shootings are in the news, more people are looking for ways to prevent the next one from happening.

In 2022, San Jose became the first city to require gun liability insurance. Aside from protecting gun owners from accidents or theft, insurers also reward gun safety practices with lower premiums. By using a gun safe, installing a trigger lock, and taking a gun safety course, gun owners save money while making their house safer. 

Standard homeowners insurance policies include some coverage for firearms. Namely, they protect the owner from theft of reported firearms and liability from unintentional firings. Note that self-defense is still considered an intentional act for insurance purposes. Non-homeowners may still get some protection from their renter’s insurance package.

Is gun liability insurance required?