Do I Need My Own Sober Companion?

Do I Need My Own Sober Companion?

Florida, especially Southern Florida, stands out as one of the top two or three locations in the country with a wide range of drug rehab and addiction treatment services. Such as sober services in Florida.

When it comes to pursuing addiction treatment, having the support of others is critical. It may be tough to locate a sober companion if you are a new sober seeker. Many individuals find it challenging to determine whether they should engage a sober companion. 

And the sole reason why we wrote this article is to help you determine when you should seek assistance from a sober companion.

What Is A Sober Companion?

In the United States, sober companions, sometimes known as sober coaches, are becoming increasingly popular. What exactly do they do, and is having a sober partner the best alternative for you?

Individuals in recovery who help someone dealing with addiction get or stay sober are known as sober companions. Trainers or guides are sober companions. They are not a buddy, therapist, or sponsor of a 12-step program. They are not personal assistants who carry out the wishes of the customer.

A sober companion’s sole duty is to encourage clients to make good choices by setting an example. Jobs can range in duration from a few hours to a year or more.

Almost any abstinence-based recovery approach will work with nearly all sober friends. If a client prefers, most sober companions will control using a harm-reduction paradigm.

When Is A Sober Companion Right For You?

People in recovery need sober companions, especially in the early days and weeks after achieving freedom. As an alcoholic transition from full-time detox and rehabilitation programs to their ordinary life, sober companions assist. 

Sober companions do not guarantee sobriety, but they can give a lot of help.They’re there to assist addicts in navigating the obstacles of moving to a clean life outside of the official treatment setting, and they can help them succeed. 

It’s a personal choice whether or not you require a sober partner. People who have the financial or medical resources to employ a sober companion must do so.

If your mental or behavioral health issues are limiting your everyday life, you may benefit from the assistance of a sober partner or therapeutic coach. Sober companions are especially beneficial to individuals who are:

  • Leaving a residential treatment facility
  • Due to job or personal obligations, you are unable to enroll in a residential program.
  • Temporarily removed from their regular support system and are traveling.
  • When you’re at an insecure time of your life, such as when you’re changing jobs or moving,
  • Attending a gathering with well-established triggers.
  • Participating in various forms of treatment throughout the day (e.g., intensive outpatient programs, counseling, etc.) but need additional assistance at other times of the day.

Things You Will Expect From A Sober Companion

Depending on the scenario, a client might expect different things from a sober partner.

Almost all sober companions assist persons who are enrolled in a sobriety-based rehabilitation program. AA, SMART Recovery, and other 12-step programs fall under this category.

Sober companions will provide:

  • Transportation to and from rehab, medical appointments, 12-step meetings, and other events are provided.
  • If travel is a requirement for treatment, they can provide medical assistance during long travels.
  • Transitioning from treatment to home life requires both practical and emotional support.
  • Engulfs of the house to eliminate any traces of alcohol.
  • Outside of a treatment clinic or program, guidance and help with the daily routine.
  • Assist with challenging circumstances at work, on the road, or with family members.
  • They will attend a party, business meeting, or social gathering when there is a temptation to drink with you.
  • Support for longer-term situations, such as when a musician is on tour or on a long-term job assignment away from home when they don’t have access to their regular support network.

Things You Should Not Expect From Sober Companions

There are several things that a sober companion does not do, no matter how varied their job is.

Sober companions are not buddies or sponsors. They aren’t life coaches, but they provide similar assistance and direction.

Their job is to motivate customers to make healthy choices and to do so while they are at work. They are not personal assistants who will do errands or perform a client’s bidding.

Companions, unlike full-time caregivers, do not control your activities or dictate your schedule; instead, they offer support and guidance as you learn to manage day-to-day duties and accept full responsibility for your actions. 

Their objective is to assist you in gaining independence at a speed that suits you.

Searching For Addiction Treatment in Florida

A supportive drug and alcohol treatment program is essential for anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Recovery programs assist patients. Not just eliminating dangerous drugs from their bodies but also participating in therapy sessions and using recovery medications to help them overcome their addiction.

Finding a high-quality treatment facility that provides real recovery support is critical while the state of Florida attempts to address its massive drug crisis. 

Remember that the most effective treatment program for a person’s specific requirements may not be immediately around the corner when deciding where to get therapy.

Journeying the path for addiction treatment has many advantages, including the following:

  • More information of excellent grade
  • Treatment and elimination of environmental factors are now more crucial.
  • Increased personal privacy

Find Your Own Sober Companion Today

When it comes to seeking addiction treatment, having the support of others is critical. It may be tough to locate a sober partner if you are a newcomer to recovery. 

There are various services available to assist you in finding a sober companion with whom you could have some fun, such as addiction coaches.

There are certain events or situations in our lives wherein it’s difficult to face challenges alone. And sober services in Florida understand these difficult times, especially if one of the best options for cure is a companion. 
If you think you cannot face abstinence alone, find your sober companion today. And don’t think twice for quick recovery.