The Role Of Social Media For Promoting Health And Fitness

For years now, social media has proven itself time and time again to be a powerful force to be reckoned with. Completely revolutionising the way that we approach and understand connecting communication on a grand international scale, social media has been bridging the gaps and breaking down barriers for a while now.

Today, what we are seeing more and more where social media is promoting influencers who talk about health and fitness. For example look at @thefoodmedic, who is a nutritionist and medical doctor. Dr Hazel Wallace has a following of 538K followers, and posts on topics from mental health, controlling sugar levels for diabetes and fitness.

There are also an increasing number of medical personnel who are sharing their knowledge on TikTok, from home remedies to actual medical knowledge. It is a whole new world. And it is one that social media is impacting in bright and exciting ways all the time.

Social media has revamped what health and fitness looks like

Social media was initially used as a platform for sharing and connection with loved ones and friends. Today, it has expanded into a behemoth of an industry where people are making a living off posting photos and even managing these social media accounts. It has allowed a sea of opportunity to everyone anywhere in the world and has also increased the amount of body positivity opportunities.

Chloe Ting and Blogilates are both fitness gurus on Youtube who have made impressionable impacts on the health and fitness industry. Each boasting millions of viewers on their respective channels, they use their exposure to spread body positivity and encouraging their viewers to accept their bodies regardless of how it looks like, and that the most important thing is that practice healthy habits such as exercising and eating nutritious food.

The socio-effects of merging social media with health and fitness

Everyday consumers have also jumped in on the trends of spreading body positivity and diet tips. Nutritionists or those talented in the kitchen often share recipes, which also perpetuates health and fitness ideals because they serve to inspire others to imitate.

The lucrative industry of social media has spurred people who wish to join the ranks of the rich and famous by buying Instagram likes or followers in order to gain some semblance of rank in the world of influencers ranging from beauty to health and fitness.

The future of social media in the niche of health and fitness

As we bring light to differently shaped bodies and the very many different ways that health can look like, we can bring body image to a positive plane where everyone will be able to make better lifestyle choices without being judged.

An oversized girl may no longer feel the need to starve herself because there is a fitness guru that is the same size as her, and a boy who grew up feeling scrawny will not have to judge his own self-worth based on how muscular he is. This healthier trajectory is overshadowing traditional media and the impossible beauty standards that they have set.