Daily Hydration

glass being filled from a tap with filtered water

Hydration plays a huge part in our daily health. Health and wellness advocate Helen Lee Schifter stresses that drinking water is essential, especially when we have laborious jobs or like to take long jogs. A lot of times, all we need is water and we don’t even realize it. For instance, sometimes we suddenly feel sick, or we have formed a headache and have no idea where it came from. It is usually a good idea to have a glass or two of water before we consult a doctor, because these are common signs of dehydration.

We should also have water at our bedside if we actually do become sick, partially because it will help us flush out any acid or unnecessary chemicals, and also because any soup we eat may contain sodium. While salt is another good thing to have in our system, it is also known to dry our throats and make us thirsty. It’s good to have water on our bedside table when we go to sleep anyway, because we often wake up with dry throats and sometimes congestion from snoring. This can be fixed with a glass of water in minutes.

Another situation that calls for keeping water on hand is if we are working in the yard. This can include anything from simple gardening to mowing the lawn. Along with the heat making us sweat, the flying dust and dirt can also land in our throats. In this case, it’s prudent to have a bottle or jar with a lid so that the dirt doesn’t land in our water.

Water is also convenient in less strenuous situations, like cooking or cleaning around the house. The reason for this is that heavy cooking requires a lot of movement, which triggers heavy breathing and can easily dehydrate us. Dealing with the seasonings can also play a part in dehydration, because little pieces of seasoning can sometimes fly around like spicy dust. Speaking of dust, the reason we need water while cleaning is because when we’re moving things around and using the broom, particles of dust can fly through the air and land in our throat, a lot like the dirt from the yard work.

Everybody has their own routine for keeping hydrated, and that’s okay. Everyone’s body is different, so it only makes sense. Helen Lee Schifter, former trader on Wall Street, has formed a habit of drinking at least two bottles of water per day. This routine has kept her hydrated, so it is definitely safe to assume that she knows what she’s doing. We can all take notes on Schifter and her daily routines.

In conclusion, water is a very prominent factor in keeping ourselves healthy. It hydrates us, reduces our chances of getting sick, and helps us get better when we do happen to feel sick. We should keep water with us when we are out walking or riding a bike. We should also make a healthy habit of drinking water when we wake up and before we go to sleep.