Common Situations That Cause Mental Health Issues and How to Deal With Them Effectively

Mental health is often overlooked due to people suffering and their ability to hide their pain. There are people that could be described as happy that actually have issues with anxiety or depression. Keeping your mental health under control is important as there could be stress in your life that is unmanageable. Far too often people try to take on way too much in order to keep everyone happy around them except themselves. 


Divorce is a reality for a number of couples with and without children. A marriage can take a huge toll on your mental health especially when involved with someone that is controlling or manipulative. There are signs that you should divorce which include failure to stay faithful after repeated chances. Alienation of affection can be claimed in court if there has been rampant infidelity. A divorce can derail you personally but also professionally if you allow it. Immersing yourself in work can allow you to thrive professionally and possibly come out of a divorce with a promotion/pay raise. Remote work requests can be important during this time so you can meet during the day without stress with your divorce attorney. 

Loss of a Job

Losing a stable job can be devastating for a variety of reasons. You likely will incur stress from worrying about financial issues related to the job loss. Your confidence can also be shaken as you might feel like a part of your identity is your profession. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself but rather get back into the job market quickly. You will find that you can make great decisions on job offers when you are employed rather than struggling. Do not turn to substance abuse as this can derail your job search and lead to addiction issues. Freelancing can be a perfect way to earn some money while you are not working full-time. Remote work is more widely available today than ever before so try to take advantage of this. 

A Serious Injury 

Being injured seriously can be mentally catastrophic to most people. The dedication to rehabilitation that many need to have to ever walk again has to be very high-level. For those lucky enough to recover, you might still need mental health counseling well after your injury. The most important thing that you can do is stay positive with yourself and those helping you. Being frustrated is natural when you cannot do things that you normally would. Lashing out at those helping you might happen but be quick to apologize and explain your situation. Support groups of those that have been seriously injured can also be helpful. Hearing the struggle from another person that knows what it is like can be very therapeutic. 

Mental health should be a priority in your daily life. Be comfortable with telling people you do not want to do something or cannot help you. You shouldn’t put your mental health on the line for those that would not do the same.