Cherish and Value your Health More

Our time on this earth is not unlimited; and many of us take too much for granted. We all have to consider the value that we’re blessed with, for every moment is as precious as can be. Every moment is to be cherished with great vigor and enthusiasm. To do so, also helps one appreciate life; and develop a greater recognition of happiness for one’s daily routines and life. 

Helen Schifter has written that there are different ways to incorporate this into one’s life. Of course there are ways to do this by simply reminding oneself of the great pleasure one has of leading a life devoid of the stresses and anxieties that so many of us impose on ourselves with no justification. But we have to appreciate the smaller things in life as well. There are so many small and minor items in our daily life that we come across that we should appreciate in a way that we otherwise don’t. 

Health and wellness is one aspect of many, according to Helen Schifter. We don’t prioritize our emotional and mental health as much as we should be; and this is problematic for a whole litany of reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that we must recognize the connection and deep and intricate relationship between our emotional and mental health, and that of our physical health. This is important to consider and not lose sight of when thinking about our daily lives; and all the activities and engagements we are regularly involved in. 

The spread of technology sometimes has the unintended consequence of conquering our minds, psychologically. If we stick to merely being fixated on our technological devices, be it  a cell phone, iPad, Macbook or desktop computer, we lose sight of the value of human to human interaction and social engagement. This is important to recognize, especially during a pandemic like that of the Coronavirus. The scope and magnitude of this pandemic should allow us all to appreciate the value of social human to human interaction more-so than ever before. 

When one does not have something in his or her life, they strive to have it  more. It’s basic human instinct that dictates this concept. If it’s too feasible to achieve an objective or a goal, then one is not as inclined to deem that goal to be desirable. This leads to all sorts of emotions and feelings that swell up that lead one to be particularly ungrateful about certain opportunities. 

We need to have a paradigm shift in this regard, for this reason. There needs to be a renewed appreciation of life and all of its goodness. The gospel of prosperity should be taught. But the gospel of goodness should also be taught. We should train our children to have proper and respectful and polite manners. If they are taught from a young age to appreciate all that comes with being a human being and feeling privileged to have been afforded the ability to live on this earth, their entire view and conception of life will dramatically change. 

They will realize how grateful they ought to be to have a life, and the ability to breathe freely. The value of having experiences in life cannot possibly be replaced. Consider affluent and especially-wealthy and successful people who are on their death beds. Ask any one of them what they wouldn’t give to have another opportunity. Another week on this earth. Another month. Another year. No amount of money can buy them the health they are otherwise craving and the opportunity to continue living on this earth. Too often we get fixated on materialism and that blinds us from the appreciation and gratitude we ought to have for life more generally. 

Helen Schifter on Linkedin has shared her own thoughts about this matter in prolific detail. Schifter elaborates that there is no substitute for life and the ability to live another day. No amount of money can buy health; and it  is certainly not quantifiable in terms of financial cost. For this reason, we all must cherish our health – be it physical, mental or emotional. This is a powerful message that resonates with so many and we hope that through the pandemic of this sheer scope and size, this message will be especially well received and appreciated, as it should be. There’s no substitute for good health. Don’t forget that.