Careers in the Healthcare Industry

Careers in the Healthcare Industry

There is a demand for those in the healthcare profession. To be a member of the healthcare profession a person does not have to be a doctor. Jordan Sudberg investigated the healthcare field and all of the career options that are out there. According to Sudberg these are some of the top healthcare career options.

Medical Biller and Coder

This job is expected to see a 22% increase. These people will need to understand billing and coding so that they can properly bill the insurance companies for services provided. They need to understand medical terms and excel at record keeping. These people may work behind the scenes but they are an important part of the medical community.

Physician’s Assistant

This medical professional is able to diagnose and treat illnesses. They will assist in medical procedures, and they are able to help people get on a path to wellness. They do similar duties to a doctor but they are not fill doctors. There is a huge demand for them and there is a nice paycheck that goes along with this position.

Nurse Practitioner

This medical professional is able to perform physicals, order lab tests and analyze the results. They can also prescribe medicine and they can authorize specific treatments. These nurses are still working as nurses, but they have additional education and skills that allow them to take on these roles. There are many jobs opening in this field, so it is worth looking into for those with an interest in healthcare.

Speech Language Pathologist

This professional works with people that have speech difficulties. They may work with children and help with speech development. They can also work with adults that are recovering from an accident to help develop their speech once again. They can work in many different settings from school to a rehabilitation center and everything in between.


These specialized people are able to help a person manage pain when they are receiving treatment. They will be found in the surgery room and they will help give a person sleeping gas so they will not have to be awake and in pain when they are having a procedure done. They will monitor the vital signs of the patient to make sure they are doing well. This job will require a lot of education but they make several hundred grand a year.

Physical Therapist

These people help treat those with injuries and help decrease their pain while increasing their mobility. They will develop a treatment plan and specific exercises that a person can do based on their injuries. This will help a person to recover under a medical professional. – These are some of the in-demand jobs in the healthcare industry, according to Jordan Sudberg. All of these jobs are hiring and there is a need for qualified professions. Some of these jobs need a college degree and additional training while others need a certification course. These jobs will allow a person to work in the healthcare industry and there are plenty of opportunities all over the country.