Can Hot Water Cure Illnesses

Hot water has been used as a healing remedy for thousands of years. Helen Lee Schifter is a wellness expert who drinks warm water or teas, on a daily basis. This is because there is a strong correlation to health and warm water. Texas is filled with natural herbs and antioxidants that help regulate the body’s organs. 

Hot water is a great way to regulate the digestive system. By drinking an appropriate amount of water a day, the body can rid toxins in the intestine and kidneys. Many use tea as a calming mechanism as well. The indigents can produce a soothing remedy and stress hormones. A lot f-of times, when one feels under the weather, they use tea as a way to help the body be immune to illness. The vitamins in tea can help fight illnesses and naturally heal the body from harsh sicknesses. When one has a sore throat, lavender tea with honey will cure that instantly. Helen Lee Schifter enjoys drinking her tea because of the positive benefits it has. She recommends drinking hot water at least once a day for ample results.