Books to Read on Health and Wellness

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Health and wellness is often quite an integral part of one’s being since it even gets to have the general lifespan extended by a couple of years. Because of this, it is very crucial to read books that focus more on health and wellness and what should be done in a bid to ensure the right kind of lifestyle. It is also important to draw inspiration and guidance about wellness and health from different experts who can give that in books. Most of these books often go a long way in helping one take better care of their body, mind and spirit more intentionally in all they practice. Herein, we shall have a look at some of the best books that will help a great deal in this regard.

List of books to read on health and wellness

Listed and discussed briefly below are some books that offer more knowledge on the aforementioned topic:

1.Lifespan: Why We Age-and Why We Don’t Have To by David A. Sinclair (2019)

This book mostly talks about the different ways by which one is able to work on having any diseases that are related to age, reversed; for an opportunity to live much longer. This is the reason why Helen Lee Schifter feels that it is especially very important to read this book in order to help one’s liver be healthier for a longer time span. This book actually goes on further to offer a prescription that includes antioxidants that can be used for a life that is more healthy and has improved wellness.

2.The Whole Body Microbiome by B.Brett Finlay and Jessica Finlay (2019)

This book talks about healthy bacteria, which may otherwise be best referred to as “microbiome”. Herein, an explanation about how these bacteria can go a long way in reducing dementia by improving the levels of cholesterol in the body. By doing so, the general lifespan of an individual as well as their health, will end up improving greatly.

The two authors for this book; who are microbiologists, are of the idea that after an individual hits the age of 65, their microbes tend to start getting low in numbers. However, they are quite to mention that this can be taken care of, by ensuring that one maintains a healthy lifestyle. The latter includes eating a balanced diet that comprises lots of fruits and vegetables, and also by keeping fit.

3.The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington (2017)Research has proven time and time again that lack of sufficient sleep, or lack thereof; may lead to many chronic diseases. This is why this book focuses so much more on the importance of ensuring that one is able to acquire as much sleep as possible, in a bid to live a healthy life. Helen Lee Schifter is actually in full support of what the author says, because collapsing from fatigue may lead to quite a number of issues in the life of an individual. It is therefore very critical to make sure that one is able to make an informed decision to make priority of getting enough rest hours.