Avoiding Sugar can be Life Saving

If sugar is avoided, so much time, energy, and money can be saved. Our bodies create sugars and also need certain ones in order to live. That being said, the ones we need do not include almost 99.9% of what we consume on a daily basis. Highly processed food is very bad for our body’s wellness. Helen Lee Schifter uses her knowledge in wellness to make smart choices about her diet. 

Of course, treating ourselves is important. Managing a healthy diet includes cheat days. However, every day can not be one. It definitely takes self-control and restraint to not eat so much sugar a day but it can be done. Replacing highly processed foods with fruit is a great way to decline eating it. The fruit has natural sugar that is better than something found in a TastyCake. Vegetables are ideal when snacking. Many creative ideas on how to make them more appealing can be found on Pinterest. That way, the food that your body is intaking is not harmful and only beneficial. As we grow, we need certain vitamins and minerals to carry us into a healthier life. Helen Lee Schifter expresses her happiness as she transitioned processed sugars out of her life. You can live longer and be more satisfied with your body.