A Father’s Impact on Shaping Their Children

A father plays an important role in a child’s life. The actions taken during upbringing immensely impact their development. Whether good or bad, the impact can have long-lasting effects well into adulthood. Children are like sponges who soak up everything, from vocabulary to mannerisms. This is why being a good role model matters when raising a child. A father who builds healthy habits will in turn pass those qualities down to their children. Parents immediately influence children with their vocabulary and behavior. If a father is constantly angry or abusive chances are the child will follow in those footsteps as adults. Leading by example is a phrase that applies directly to parenting.

 As the father, there is more to parenting than just being there to play catch, or to show a child how to ride a bike. They should be teaching a child how to function in society. Cory Harow is a father of four who takes parenting just as seriously as he does his profession of being an MD. The decisions he has made during his life are helping him during fatherhood in many ways. 

Harow has over 20 years of emergency medicine experience and even served in the Israeli Defense Force. What these professions can instill in a person is discipline, dedication, and empathy. These are qualities that can help a child develop into a fully functioning adult. Some of the ways he has used his skills to raise his children were reported by the Times of Israel. He understands the impact technology can have on a person which is why screen time for his children is limited. Allowing them time to use technology in segments will help them understand that it is a tool rather than an extension of themselves. 

Physical activity is just as important to Cory Harow, so he ensures they get plenty. Providing toys, and activities to play outside gives his children a chance to exercise and experience the benefits of the sun and fresh air. Having a routine was undoubtedly a big part of serving in the Israeli Defense Force and that is being taught to his children as well. Waking up, practicing good hygiene, and getting ready for school will in turn allow them to prepare for what will come in the future. Keeping a healthy diet not only allows their bodies to develop properly but also enforces discipline. Giving in to fast food and sugary candy is easy and comes with dangerous effects on a child’s body. While his children can eat almost anything they want, in moderation, they also have healthy fruits and vegetables incorporated into their diets.

 All of these choices in how to raise a child fully impact their development. When making positive choices benefits the children and encourages healthy family dynamics. A father’s place in a child’s life is crucial to their development into productive members of society. Being a father is an honor and should not be taken lightly.

Cory Harow & His Family