5 Ways to Grow in Your Faith During COVID-19

With about half of America belonging to a church, the current pandemic has disrupted millions of peoples’ religious routines. Do you think this interference hurts your ability to grow in your faith?

Fortunately, you can continue your faith and worship by using these five alternatives that keep everyone safe and compliant.

1. Online Church

Modern technology allows most churches to stream their service. This is convenient for you to sit on the couch and watch on your TV or laptop. 

However, all of the technology can also be a distraction. People tend to check social media accounts, change the channel, or try and do errands.

Turn off your phone and put away anything that could capture your attention. Focus on the message being shared to increase your faith.

2. Community Connection

While watching a church service online fulfills a weekly attendance obligation, people of faith want to connect with fellow believers.

Organize virtual gatherings to discuss the message or dive deeper into religious texts. Your faith will grow by connecting with other members of your church and beyond.

3. Charitable Outreach

Now more than ever, some communities need your help and support. By following proper safety protocols, you can organize a food bank or clothes drop for your community.

If you don’t want to take the risk of going out yourself, you can still contribute anything of use. Gently used clothes, food, tools, and money can all make a difference and help your inner light.

4. Outdoor Reflection

By now, you’ve probably spent more time indoors than you originally planned. But people can still grow in their faith by getting time outside.

Walking outside in a park or a quiet garden to reflect on God and pray is a unique experience. People who love the outdoors feel that nature gets them closer to their faith.

If you like doing early morning prayer, finding a bench near a quiet pond or creek is the perfect setting to focus and concentrate on God. 

5. Don’t Forget the Kids

Your kids need their ministry, too. While the service is still beneficial to them, education and worship can still be tailored to them.

For younger kids, have activities and crafts designed around Biblical stories and lessons. The older teens might be interested in planned lessons that pertain to their current social life.

It can be time-consuming to create lessons or find the right materials to help your kids continue to walk in their faith. Instead, check out a variety of programs that can provide you with in-home instruction for the children.

Grow in Your Faith During the Pandemic

The pandemic has altered a lot in your lives including how to grow in your faith. It’s important to stay safe, but don’t let your passion and love for God take a back seat.

With these five different ways to worship, you can continue and improve your relationship with God.

Stay current on the latest facts and solutions about spiritual and physical health. Check our blog frequently and navigate the pandemic successfully.