5 Reasons to Enjoy a Glass of Wine at the End of the Night

5 Reasons to Enjoy a Glass of Wine at the End of the Night

Whether you’ve just had a long day at work, college, or you’ve been working on problem-solving, wine will help you relax and unwind. Wine is one of those seemingly magical elixirs that seems to make stress just melt away (when consumed in moderation).

If you need a good reason to crack open a bottle of your favorite merlot or Moscato, here are 5 of the best reasons:

1. Cheap wine can taste great

If you’re just looking to grab a few glasses of wine by yourself, you don’t need to bust into your fancy wine stash and drink a $500 bottle of wine while watching Netflix. Cheap wine can taste amazing!

Once you try some good, cheaper wine, you might want to build a little wine cellar in your home to keep a stash for future use. A wine cellar doesn’t need to be huge. In fact, you can build a freestanding wine cellar that fits in a hallway or a bedroom that takes up little space. Check out these wine cellars for some creative ideas.

What cheap wines are good?

If you’re into red wine, you might like the Apothic brand. They’ve got several red blends that range from sweet to somewhat bitter. They’re usually under $10 per bottle and can be found at Walmart and other grocery retailers. You can also find cheap wine at Trader Joe’s.

2. Wine is a different type of alcohol

Unlike beer and hard liquor, wine has a different effect on the body and brain. You can definitely become intoxicated on wine and lose control of yourself, but the feeling is different.

When consumed in moderation, wine has a relaxing effect on most people. There are people who don’t respond well to any kind of alcohol, so if that’s your situation, skip the wine. However, if you feel good after a glass or two, there’s a reason for that.

When you drink wine in moderation, you’ll stimulate the release of serotonin, dopamine, and opioid peptides that create a euphoric feeling each time you have a glass or two. The key is to keep your consumption minimal. If you drink too much, you’ll release too much serotonin, thereby depleting your body’s reserves, and that can cause depression.

3. You’ll get resveratrol from red wine

You’ve probably heard people talking about getting the benefits of resveratrol from drinking red wine. Resveratrol comes from the grape skins that are used to make the wine.

Red wine is fermented much longer than white wine and the grape skins are left intact. To make white wine, the grapes are crushed, which means red wine has more resveratrol.

What is resveratrol, exactly? It’s a compound that comes from grape skins and is connected to several health benefits, including arthritis relief, blood clot prevention, heart health, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Resveratrol also helps to fight oxidative stress in the body.

While resveratrol is available in supplement form, studies suggest most of it is never absorbed. You’re better off eating fruits like cranberries, red grapes, and mulberries. Or, of course, drinking red wine.

4. Trying new wines is fun

What better way to try new wines than to have a glass after a long day? You’ll probably enjoy the taste even more when you’re looking forward to relaxing.

If you’re looking for the perfect wine, try a new wine each week by pouring a glass at the end of the day. Relax with Netflix or your favorite T.V. show and before you know it, you’ll find your ideal wine.

5. You might prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Many studies have shown that consuming wine can reduce the risk of dementia, which can quickly progress into Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain and can cause memories to deteriorate rapidly.

Scientists think that wine promotes brain health since wine keeps the blood vessels open, which supports a healthy blood supply to the brain.

Grab a glass of wine and relax

Everyone has their favorite ways to relax. Some people enjoy a hot bubble bath, while others just like to flop on the couch and watch a movie. Some people like to relax with a beer or a cup of hot tea, and then there are those who prefer to relax with wine.

The next time you experience a hard day and you need to relax, grab a glass of wine and let the magic of fermented grapes do all the work.