5 New Hobbies to Try

Five Different Hobbies To Should Try

Hobbies can be fun, rewarding, and exciting! It is something new to try and shake up the normal routine of things. But, not all hobbies are seen as noble and Godly, in a sense. Some hobbies can be seen as sacrilegious, but there are certainly many hobbies one can do while not fearing sin. Take for example Father George Rutler, a prominent and well-known Catholic Priest. Below are five hobbies that people like Father Rutler can do this summer.

Bible Study with Friends

Bible study can get lonely at times if one is by oneself. One can also get easily distracted if someone is to themself. But, if there is a group doing a bible study, there can be endless fun and riveting conversations about what is being read. All one would need is a bible, a pen/pencil, and a notepad if that is preferred.

Community Service

Community service is an amazing opportunity to try new things one might like. From simple yard work, helping out building small structures, or even volunteering at one’s local soup kitchen, community service provides a plethora of sustained joy to be derived from hard work and helping others.

Bird/Nature Watching

What could be more peaceful than to sit in nature and let one’s senses be fulfilled by the sights and sounds of nature? Whether one would like to watch the birds, look upon all of the flowers, or watch all of the other wildlife, going back to nature is always something that will refuel one’s spirit. Feeling the breeze on one’s face, smelling the flowers, listening to the animals, and enjoying the sun on one’s face is a refreshing way to get out and about feeling cooped up.


Whether it is a board game or a game of bowling, games can be a fun way to interact with other people and have a fantastic time. Some board games that are fun to play with others include, but are not limited to: chess, checkers, Operation, Mousetrap, backgammon, Sorry, Trouble, and Connect4. If one is adventurous, they can even try video games, provided they are not too grotesque. Some family-friendly videogames could include Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, and Rocket League.

Streaming Services and Music

Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have thousands of movies and series to watch. Be wary though, for some of these movies and series are not family or priest-friendly. There are however many movies and series that provide fun content that does not preach and glorify sinful things. Music is another choice too. Among a few of the fan favorites of priests such as Father George Rutler is jazz, classical, and Christian music. The best part about these hobbies is that they can be fun to do alone or with other people!

Hobbies are a fantastic outlet for the responsibilities and chores of everyday life. They also help to relieve the stress that comes with everyday pressures. Hobbies can be simple, yet still invigorating for both the mind and spirit!