Why We Should Embrace Solar Energy

Global warming has necessitated people and governments worldwide to look for new ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The introduction of solar energy is critical towards conserving the environment by controlling greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy has many advantages, and people have been advised to embrace renewable energy as the future form of energy. There are specific features that make solar energy more acceptable by environmentalists globally, as discussed below.

Renewable and Clean Energy Brings Good Returns After the Initial Investment

The initial investment cost when purchasing and installing the solar system is considered high. However, the overall operation cost is reduced drastically. The operation cost of solar energy is low because the solar panels depend on light to emit energy stored in solar batteries for use. Compared to fossil energy or hydroelectric power generation processes, which uses energy and emits greenhouse gases to the environment. Hydroelectric generation depends on diesel to propel the engines in case the water levels go down. This process is expensive to the taxpayer, and occasionally you will get inflated power bills. Renewable energy is easy to install, and once the installation process is complete, you will only need sunlight to power your system to produce energy. There are no outstanding charges every month from solar energy.

The Lack of Enough and Unstable Fossil Fuel Prices That Keeps Changing 

Many industries still rely on fossil fuel to operate, which has led to the overloading of the power grids. As such, the energy is volatile, and frequent power blackouts became the order of the day. Fossil fuel is also degenerating at a faster rate and might not last for a long time, thus giving the option for people to look for other means of energy. Environmental pollution occasioned by the burning of the fossils has led to the depletion of the ozone layer, contributing to global warming. Alexander Djerassi is an entrepreneur and foreign policy expert with expertise in the Middle East and North America. He is passionate about environmental conservation policies and advocates the use of renewable and clean energy.

The Solar Energy Industry is Likely to Employ Over 60 Million People by 2050

With many countries adopting renewable energy as their primary energy source, many job opportunities will open up in the future. Countries are following the Paris Agreement on environmental change keenly and have subscribed to reducing global warming by looking for alternative renewable energy. The demand for the workforce continues to increase with time as more people adopt renewable energy while abandoning non-renewable energy. According to the International Energy Agency, there will be job openings in small and medium-size renewable energy businesses. Throughout his work as an international policymaker, Alexander Djerassi has been particularly concerned with how countries have adopted the new renewable energy that is environmentally friendly. During his tenure as the Assistant Secretary of State, he spoke about the benefits of having a clean environment whenever he attended conferences and seminars on the environment. He still believes that renewable energy will be the only solution towards restoring our planet to its original form.