Why Going on Walks is Beneficial

Any form of exercise can help the body in a multitude of ways. When our bodies move around, they burn fat. By doing this, our sugar, cholesterol, and glycerol levels can be regulated. If there is too much fat on our bones or in our blood, arteries can clog up and potentially cause fatal illnesses. Walks are a low-impact way to get in shape and get some fresh air. Wellness experts like Helen Lee Schifter love exercising because it also helps her clear her mind.

When walking, it’s important to establish a routine. Fast-paced walking is very helpful with those who may have knee issues and back pain. By stretching out the muscles in the body, especially outside, more oxygen goes to them. After the body builds stamina and becomes used to the pace of exercise, it’s easier to push it to achieve more. For many individuals, exercise can be difficult when first starting. If there are long periods of breaks between exercise regimens, the body will weaken, thus making it harder to be as efficient. By starting to walk a few miles, the body can gain strength all over again. If walking over a mile is hard, that simply means the body needs more time to adjust to the exercise. According to Helen Lee Schifter, exercise is meant to be relaxing and beneficial, not a job.