What To Wear With Workout Shorts

Workout shorts belong in everyone’s closet. Not only do they come in handy and help your performance, but the right ones look good too. There are many styles of workout shorts, but in general they stick to the same formula.

Whether you are working out or going out, you need to wear something besides just workout shorts. If you were wondering what to wear with workout shorts, you are not alone. There are so many options, but you don’t want to rush it.

It takes a little bit more thought than grabbing the first shirt or hoodie you see in your closet.

First Things First

Where are you going? Better yet, what are you doing? Depending on the activity and where you are headed, you might need to wear one thing or another. What you choose to wear with your workout shorts should be mostly dictated by those two criteria.

Let’s say you are going jogging in your workout shorts. Depending on the time of the day and the weather, you might want to go with a technical tee shirt or long sleeve. Preferably one that breathes as well as your workout shorts do.

If it is morning or night, however, you might fair better with a zip pullover or in some cases, even a zip up hoodie. With layers, you always have the option to take something off. Maybe you aren’t going for a jog, though.

If you are just going out and about in your workout shorts, there are several options:

  • A polo
  • A v neck shirt
  • Baseball tee
  • Crew neck shirt

Workout shorts look just as good outside of the gym as they do in it.

What is Your Style?

Because workout shorts are just as popular fashion wise as they are for function these days, it is an opportunity to look stylish. Style means nothing, however if it is not your own. Of course, workout shorts original and primary function is for, well, working out.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish though. If you want to take your workout shorts out of the gym and out of the town, by all means, do it. Athleisure is not just a trend; it is a facet of modern fashion.

Take a look at all of types of athleisure clothing that you can pair with your workout shorts. Chances are, some of it falls in line with your own style. Looking at the options, you can opt for a sporty look, a casual look or even something a little more upscale and ready for date night.

Some of the main types of clothes that go well with workout shorts include:

  • Zip up hoodies
  • Quarter zip pullovers
  • Track jacket
  •  Flannel button ups

Those are just some of the options to look over if you want to go out in workout shorts. Take a look at various track jackets or zip up hoodies and see if they fit with your own style. You can always layer a pullover, technical tee and workout shorts and ditch the pullover if you get too hot.

Pick What You Know You Will Wear Well

No one knows what kind of clothes you can rock as well as you do. There are so many options, that there is plenty of wiggle room to experiment with different looks. You could even through tights on underneath workout shorts for certain types of workouts. The options go on and on.

No matter what you choose to wear with your workout shorts, at the very least you will probably be comfortable. And if you choose wisely, you will also look your best.