How to Have the Perfect At-Home Date Night

A study by the Marriage Foundation found that couples who had a date night once a month had higher odds of staying together than couples who didn’t. 

Covid-19 has made it near impossible to go out on dates and many people don’t feel comfortable leaving the house. This has created a problem for couples. 

Not only are date nights fun, but are critical in keeping a relationship healthy and happy.

So, what’s the answer? Have your date night at home! Read on for some perfect at-home date night ideas. 

Have a Pizza Party

Just because you can’t go out and grab a slice of pizza and a beer doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the night at home. 

Pick up some pizza dough, toppings, and a six-pack of your favorite microbrew.

A pizza stone works great but if you don’t have one you can roll the dough out onto a greased sheet pan. Top the dough with your favorite ingredients, pop it in the oven, and, voila, homemade pizza. 

Enjoy Board Game Night

Break out the old games that have been collecting dust in your closet. Grab some yummy snacks from the pantry and show off your competitive side. 

Playing games together is fun and will really spice up your dynamic. Plus, you are bound to have a few laughs. 

Make It a Spa Night

For a romantic date night at home, nothing beats a spa night. 

Go through your bathroom cabinets for moisturizers, face masks, and some body oil. Put on your robes, slice up some cucumbers for spa water, and have a night of relaxation. 

Take turns giving each other massages and foot rubs. Fill up the tub with some suds and take a nice, long soak. Finish off the night by slipping into your favorite lingerie and really get your romantic juices flowing. 

Plan a Nighttime Picnic

Sometimes, simply changing where you eat is all you need for a fun date night at home. 

Head outside with some bread, cheese, olives, wine, and your favorite charcuteries. Lay out a blanket and dine while you watch the stars. 

Inclement weather? Switch it up and spread out your blanket on the living room floor. Changing things up will feel enjoyable no matter where you end up eating. 

Romantic Movie Night

Think that movie night is just your typical, boring night? No way! Not when you pick the right movie and put away your distractions. 

Hide your phones and plan to watch a classic film together that you’ve never seen. Pick a title from this list of the most romantic movies of all time

Pop some corn, get a cozy blanket, cuddle up, and enjoy the show. 

At-Home Date Night in Your Backyard

Feeling stir-crazy from the travel restrictions? Take a camping trip to your backyard! 

Break out your tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, and marshmallows. Spend the night watching the stars and telling ghost stories. It will be a relief to spend a night out of the house and you’ll feel like a kid again. 

The Bottom-Line

When you can’t leave the house nothing beats an at-home date night. You’ll have fun and will strengthen your relationship in the process. 

Whatever it is you decide to do, enjoying some quality time together as a couple is what matters. 

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