Want To Scale & Find Satisfaction? Here Are 5 Key Aspects To Learn From Jason Preston.

Jason Preston is a small business owner, entrepreneur, and is currently running for Congress in Utah’s 3rd district in 2022. Together with his business development experience, Jason has a unique perspective and passion that allows him to help people to become what they want in life. He is always determined to encourage people not to give up but to press on until they succeed. Consequently, he has an inner desire to see people accomplish more and make fantastic progress.

Jason’s experience has also been the motive of his passion for helping people. He has suffered many losses. He has also undergone extreme pain in the past. The fact that there were always those who helped him get through it gives him more meaning to also render a helping hand to others. To him, it’s like reciprocating. The key aspects we can capture from Jason Preston are; passion, toughness, specific methodology, communication, and self-awareness.

  • Passion

Jason has an extreme passion for everything he does, which is evident in the success he has seen. He also has a passion for helping people. Jason naturally and effortlessly loves people. Loving people and having the urge to push them to better positions call for this level of passion.

  • Toughness

Jason Preston took sports and fitness very seriously. As a semi-pro cyclist, he experienced a lot of pain and adversity. In 2006, Jason was in his 4th year of founding the Tour of Utah. His experience with adversity was clear. “It’s the terrain. It’s Utah,” he said, adding that an altitude gain (some 17,000 feet) in just 119 miles isn’t available anywhere else. “You can’t find a stage like that anywhere.”

Gardie Jackson of the Sienna Development/Goble Knee Clinic team, agreed.

“Nobody has ever seen anything like this. Stage 6, from a racer’s standpoint, will break the backs of the majority of these riders,” he said.

Todd Hageman of the Park City Cycling Academy said cyclists get their kicks pushing their bodies.

“I haven’t seen a stage like this anywhere in this country that absolutely pushes you to the near absolute limit. This would be a tough stage if it stood by itself, but being at the end of a six-day series makes it that much more difficult. There’s going to be a lot of people (who) find out what they’re made of.”

  • Methodology

According to Jason Preston, a specific methodology will always work out if the process is handled accordingly. Consequently, he advises people to set a clear structure of habits and routines for their day or week. These habits are what will make them consistent. In the long run, growth will come because of this consistency. 

  • Communication

Jason Preston has good communication skills and knows how to communicate in different situations. Jason’s coaching is very evident of this. He knows in some situations, you can’t be harsh with people. Some conditions, such as loss and divorce, are painful. Jason advises that such cases call for softness and calmness in communication. In other situations, however, people need to be pushed and spurred along for more. This requires a tougher form of communication.

  • Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the power to be able to recognize how your brain operates. It also knows who you are and what you want to achieve as an individual. Jason is aware of how his brain works. Jason knows that when he consistently writes things down, he visualizes them. He is creating new neural pathways scientifically that allow his brain to function well.


In summary, if you want to scale in every area of your life and find satisfaction, the above tips can help you a great deal. For more information on Jason’s campaign, you can connect to Jason Preston on:

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