Healthier Decisions Come From Being a Data-Driven Organization

data driven organization

Many will give you the so-called sage advice of trusting your gut when it comes to making decisions. Others may label it as intuition. But, is this really the best way that people should make decisions when it comes to a business focus?

Enter the world of data-driven decisions. When armed with actual information, you are no longer a slave to what are often decisions based on a whim and emotion only. Sadly, according to Harvard Business Review, only 20% of organizations are actually empowering their employees with data. A shocking 73% of data within an organization is never even analyzed. There is usually a strong data illiteracy within organizations as well.

So, it may take some work to get everyone on the same page to become more data-driven, and it probably won’t be an overnight change. Still, it is within your reach to use basic analytics tools such as Google Analytics, as well as more sophisticated platforms like Google Analytics 360. If you opt to try Google Analytics 360 into your organization, it is likely you’ll need some external consulting help and integration.

Learn more about the benefits of transforming into becoming a data-driven organization in the visual deep dive below:

The Science of Analytics
Source: InfoTrust