Trends to Expect This Spring

Helen Lee Schifter, a former fashion writer for Vogue magazine, has completed her studies at Phillips Exeter Academy and Amherst College. Her father is linked to an international trading company. She has a versatile and extraordinarily fascinating career. Although she is a New York City resident, she has a residence along the island where she sometimes takes meditation and escapes from workload and pressure.

In recent past years, she started taking an interest in Chinese and Japanese poetry which led her to study Zen Buddhism deeply. There she found a Japanese tea ceremony termed Chaddo.

Schifter has a unique taste in interior design. She has a legendary collaboration with many interior decoration companies, which is her off-site business.

Moreover, she is a blogger and influencer as she has a vast number of followers. Anyone can read her blog on Thrive Global. According to her, we should focus on our priorities and not let our work hold on to them. Also, she has a significant role in advocating for a movement of education on the part of academic institutions. A lot of young children were able to take health and wellness practices because of her.

In 2020 tremendous changes emerge out in the world. People have new ideas to represent themselves. In 2020 people will be modernized and become fashionable like Helen Lee Schifter. Her fashion sense is now according to the trends because she gained a lot of experience from the fashion industry as Elle Décor identified that many people are looking towards Schifter for advice in the fashion industry. After this great pandemic of covid-19, people are more concerned about making their eyes impressive because half of everyone’s faces are covered. Bold eye makeup with colorful eyeliner is in trend because people want to show their eyes beautiful as they don’t show their beautiful smiles. So Helen loves to change her color palette according to the trend and add things like sparkles and feathers to make her high makeup unique and different. And to inspire people, their tutorials are everywhere on YouTube and other websites. Moreover, smokey eye makeup with thick eyeliner is more in trend who wants to make themselves expressive and beautiful.

Her main focus is to use products that are naturally suitable for a person’s tone. Some people get a bit extra creative in presenting their styles like an artistic talent. Some people have a primary focus on the eyebrows thickening. In 2021 exaggerating eye makeup is on-trend, so many people appreciate minimalistic eyebrows. Her insights on health and wellness have come from an innovative standpoint as she gave her depth of experience being a student of the Japanese tea ceremony.

In recent years, beauty and fashion trends evolve with the unique and latest eye makeup and even fashionable masks due to the COVID pandemic. Sifter always chooses self-expressing ideas about wearing different colors, which seem s to be eye-catching. People are changing their get-ups and outfits to match the tones of their masks. But Schifter has challenged the updated outlets that people must change and update themselves no matter the pandemic and issues they are facing.