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jobs of the future

With the job market being ripe with new opportunities, it’s important to keep informed on which occupations are growing to help you decide on where you might want to apply. In this study, let’s take a look at the fastest-growing occupations you need to know about.  An important note to mention is that these are the projected job numbers and salaries for the next 10 years and they are subject to change. Also, as remote work is becoming popular, take into consideration if this job has a remote or hybrid option depending on your preferences.

Some of the occupations that are quickly growing are those in the restaurant industry. Restaurant cooks are looking at job growth of 439,900 jobs by the year 2031 and a median annual salary of $30,010. Following this, waiters and waitresses will be seeing a job growth of 197,000 jobs with a median annual salary of $26,000. These results are no surprise as people are wanting to get out more which includes going out to eat. The next industry seeing rapid job growth is the healthcare industry. 

Registered nurses will be seeing a growth of 195,400 new jobs by 2031 with a median annual salary of $77,600. There will also be growth for home health aide jobs. This occupation is looking at an increase of 924,000 new jobs with a median annual salary of $29,430. After the events of the pandemic, people are more concerned about their health than ever so this industry is very open for those who wish to adopt that as their career. 

Jobs Of The Future