The Importance of a Business Printer

business printer

In a small healthcare practice, upwards of 178 pages are printed every day. That’s far more than a consumer-grade printer is designed to handle. Is it any wonder that over half of their printers break once a month or more?

Globally, most small business owners of all trades wished printer companies better understood their needs. 8 in 10 small businesses rely on printers to perform daily operations. When printers fail, businesses are forced to fill the gap with reactive purchases. Too often, that means buying the same consumer-grade model over and over, causing the cycle to repeat. Stopping yourself from burnout with things that don’t serve your needs is a form of self-care.

How can business owners make sure their printer suits their business needs? For practices like healthcare, a laser printer may be a better choice than the traditional ink. Laser toner is slightly cheaper than ink, saving the business money in the long run. Toner also doesn’t dry up or expire, meaning it can be bought in bulk and stored without consequences. Furthermore, laser printers print 2 to 3 times faster than traditional printers, all without smudging.

For more specialized printers, business owners should buy from manufacturers’ websites. Business printers can also come in compact sizes, making them easy to move as business grows.
See more in the visual informational graphic from the Lexmark GO Line brand:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought