Tips for Improving Concentration

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Did you know that an average person does not concentrate on the task in hand for 15% to 20% of the time, as revealed by researcher Jonathan Schooler, of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. The situation is even worse in case of students. Students are not thinking about what they are doing for around 30% of the time! 

But like many other things in the human body, the ability to focus and concentrate can be improved as well. Here are some of the best ways to do it: 

  1. Use Nootropics

Nootropics are over the counter supplements that can boost your focus, concentration, memory, and overall cognitive health, say experts at Avanse Nutraceuticals, manufacturers of LumUltra, one of the top ten smart pills in the market. But, before you decide to use any nootropic there are certain things you should keep in mind. First, the ingredients used in the smart drug must have shown positive effects in studies. Plus, the best pills for memory loss are manufactured in facilities which are approved by the US FDA. This ensures safety and quality. Also, be sure to go through the possible side effects of the brain supplement. A common factor among the top ten smart pills is that most of the ingredients used in them are naturally sourced.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Factors such as a busy and stressful schedule or health problems can mean we do not get enough sleep. Being deprived of sleep can be detrimental for your focus, alertness, memory, and overall cognitive performance. Even occasional lack of sleep can have such effects on your mind. It is recommended to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Some of the things that can help you achieve good sleep are: 

  • Being away from all screens, such as TV and mobile phones before you sleep.
  • Going to sleep at the same time every night.
  • Keeping your room at a cool temperature.
  • Avoiding exercising right before you go to bed.
  1. Play Brain Games

Certain games can act as one of the best medications for improving focus and concentration. These games could be Sudoku, crossword puzzles, memory games, chess, jigsaw puzzles, and scrambles. In a 2015 study, conducted on 4715 adults, it was found that just playing memory games for 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week can improve concentration. Even video games can help improve concentration. Video games have been found to positively alter the regions of the brain used for attention and visuospatial skills. These are especially beneficial for older adults. Along with this, if you are playing these online, make sure you are wearing glasses to protect your eyes from computer screens.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Working out regularly can act as one of the best supplements for your concentration and memory. In a 2018 study conducted on 116 children, improvements in attention and concentration were seen with just 4 weeks of regular exercise! Some other studies have found that moderate levels of aerobic exercise can even reverse memory loss, caused by age related brain atrophy.

If you are not used to working out, you can start slowly. Try to go for a jog or walk in the morning. You can also consider cycling to the market instead of driving. 

Apart from these, meditation, listening to music, and maintaining a healthy diet can also act as your brain concentration booster.