Israeli Inventions that have changed the world

James River Capital

Many inventions that have shaped the world come from Israel. So many renewable inventions will help better the world environment and help with progressing the globe to rid fossil fuels. Of course, this won’t happen overnight. However, with entrepreneurs like Shalom Lamm, anything is possible. First off, Ormart Technologies. This company manufactures geothermal power plants and is a very clean source of energy for over twenty countries. They started in Israel and have made the people very proud. 

Another solar company is Pythagoras Solar. They have used technology to develop transparent photochromic glass to fit in a window setting and collect energy. The first solar window will surely help the world by eliminating fossil fuels and can be used all over the world. Something that may shock someone is the invention of cherry tomatoes. First made in Israel, it was designed to ripen slowly and not rot as fast as other ones.In regards to security, the Rav Bariach has been a pillar for all of Israels’ business. It has a geometric look and is made of steel. It’s secure cylinders release at different times causing it to be one of the safest doors in the world. SanDisk, which can be found in almost all Targets, Walmarts, and other stores, uses USB technology to connect cameras to computers. This was a revolutionary invention for people like Shalom Lamm. Israel has benefited the world with so many inventions that have truly changed the lives of billions.