The Wellness Of The Environment

The environment is changing because of a disturbance of the planet, says wellness experts like Helen Schifter. The environmental changes are because of natural disasters, human interferences, climate changes, global warming, pollution in our air and oceans, and overpopulation. Climate Changes plays a big part in these changes. The polar ice caps are melting at the North and South Poles of the earth which contributes to the rise in sea levels. Glaciers that contain 3/4 of the world’s freshwater supply is melting. One would think that this could cause a shortage of freshwater on earth. The warmer temperature is having a huge effect on wildfires and wildlife. Wildfires are out of control and burning for weeks. Animals are on the move trying to find better places to live. Polar Bears will become extinct down the road because they will not be able to adapt to the warmer weather. Some of the natural disasters that one has seen are more wildfires, stronger floods, and stronger hurricanes than ever before! Look at all the people who have lost homes, businesses, complete communities, and cities because of eco disasters in the last few years.

One example of human interference is how man has cut down trees and cleared forest areas to build buildings, businesses, homes, and new communities. The woods from the trees are also used for building materials. One should know that these animals who lived in these wooded areas now have to be on the move to look for new places to live. Overpopulation is playing a big part in how things are changing, also. People are living longer and are be crowded into small spaces. With overpopulation, it is causing diseases to spread more rapidly. It also makes some diseases hard to control with overpopulation, such as COVID-19. Pollution is everywhere but is causing major problems in the larger cities. With more people, there are more cars and trucks on the road than ever before. Cars are releasing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into the air. The smog is so thick in some places, it is burning one’s eye, or so thick that one cannot even see the sun. The combination of pollution and smog can cause respiratory problems for many people.

Then there is water pollution. All the trash, plastic, sewage, oil spillage, and toxic chemicals from different industries that ends up in our oceans and lake. These plastics and waste make their way thru waterways all throughout the globe. Imagine the effect that this is having on marine life. Humans can help the environment by becoming a green consumer or investing in companies that research and produce renewable energy. One would also think that supporting animal rights groups that help these animals that have been forced out of their homes. They could also help my driving their cars less. One could also help my recycling technologies to help keep the plastic out of our oceans and lakes. Helen Schifter says that if each one of us does something to save eco environment, collectively it could make a difference.