Eco-Friendly Gardening

With covid people are buying food and stores are running out, gardening is great because it can be done at home and people don’t have to spend a lot of money doing it. According to wellness and mindful expert Helen Schifter, the reasons gardening is great to do are people get so many benefits from it and it is eco-friendly. There are so many other reasons that it is great to do, for people, animals and for the Earth. This should be something everyone should be doing for a long time because it is so good for everything and it will always be good for everything. They may come out with more things later that are even better to do but for now everyone has these. Saving the seeds will help save money, the plants will drop seed before they dry out. The benefits for people are vitamins from being outside, helping relax after a stressful day, healthier food and it helps with the oxygen in the air. Vitamins from being outside to help with bone strengthening and helping with people’s immune system, also helps from risks of cancers. Helping with a stressful day because people are not thinking and just relaxing outside. Healthier food since people won’t use all the chemicals that farms may use. Plus, healthier food because it’s in healthier soil and not so much pollution. Helping with the oxygen in the air by people planting more and having cleaner air.

Eco-friendly is giving back to the Earth by using less chemicals and using organic methods to grow food or plants. Using natural waste as fertilizer will help make the soil richer. Getting down and pulling out the weeds instead of using chemicals is a great eco-friendly gardening tip. Mulching is great for the plants and has amazing benefits for the plants. The benefits for using mulch are it keeps water stored, less weeds can come up, adds nutrients and prevents erosion. Lets give back to the Earth and use less chemicals and other things that can hurt the Earth or people.

So many people should start, it’s a great way to help stressful days and helps the Earth. Everyone could be eating so much better and getting outside, it is a two for one. People love doing it and think more people should be doing it. Many people say it has helped with depression and anxiety, they said that they felt better being outside. There are studies showing that being outside can help people’s mood. There are so many benefits to it, and more that people don’t know about. This is a great thing to do, people can do it with their family or friends, kids would feel like a big help doing this. These are things to keep in mind when people want something to do or even if people are already doing it, these are things that can help. As more and more things come out about what is best for you and the Earth, just remember to keep trying everything and to give back to the Earth, according to Helen Schifter.