The Way Healthcare is Viewed is Rapidly Evolving

As a writer on the subject, Helen Lee Schifter has passionately expressed the need for a renewed appreciation to be embraced among members of society for health and wellness. Health and wellness can be broken down into various facets. Physical, emotional and mental health are all important and vital aspects to one’s overall health that need to be viewed in objective terms. In order to gain a better understanding of the ways in which these matters are being treated, one need not look beyond the Coronavirus health pandemic, and its ramifications.

Helen Lee Schifter has encouraged for there to be a movement spurred that seeks to highlight these matters in a responsible fashion. The health pandemic has had deleterious and even fatal consequences. These have been tragic; and we are still seeing and witnessing these consequences all around us. But it’s also led there to being a conversation and dialogue sparked; that would otherwise perhaps not happened. Some are beginning to question their priorities in terms of where health (their own personal health) stands on the scale relative to other important matters in their personal lives.

In business for instance, entrepreneurs like Shalom Lamm have been clear about the need for such a movement. Yet society has been slow to embrace this development, and also to appreciate the value it can inevitably have. So changes are coming in the way health is being viewed and treated. These changes are important.

Shalom Lamm posits that these changes have been a long time coming, and much overdue. Long overdue indeed, when one considers other health pandemics and crises that have existed around us for far too long. To Michelle Obama’s credit, she ought to be lauded and commended for her initiatives seeking to raise awareness of the obesity epidemic, for instance.

This was an epidemic that simply never got the attention it deserved. And the consequences of one having obesity are truly destructive in too many cases. Let’s also not forget that the youth of this country is the demographic that has been especially plagued by this crisis. It is a matter that deserves our collective attention and care and devotion. It cannot be neglected any longer, at the cost of anything else.

Ways in which health can be prized and prioritized are vast. For example, the ways in which the obesity epidemic can be treated can give us a tunnel vision and better more comprehensive understanding of the ways health in general will be viewed. There has been a fundamental communications problem throughout. The value of leading a healthy lifestyle needs to be communicated. In the absence of such communication, there are issues that will inevitably emerge.

That’s the lesson that needs to be embraced in a post-Coronavirus world. This era has ushered in its fair share of issues and problems, the likes of which many could not have possibly anticipated. But regardless, these problems can be resolved. But they require rigor, tact and a level of attention employed that is unprecedented in some corridors of society.