Businesspeople Should Care About Their Health

Shalom Lamm is an entrepreneur who has led a dedicated life of community advocacy in addition to his involvement in a myriad of different businesses. Business has many anxieties associated with it, not the least of which is its core objective – ensuring that a healthy and steady amount of cash flow is generated to be able to actually sustain the business. With so many different costs involved, businesses have to act responsibly in accounting for all the various costs associated with running the businesses. And of course, working as diligently as possible in providing for these costs.

Health experts like Helen Schifter have a view on this matter that should be taken seriously. For example, wellness experts have consistently advocated for a more serious approach being taken toward health and wellness by those in the business and commercial worlds. This unfortunately has seemed to fall on deaf ears. In some cases however, people have taken the initiative and sought to lead lives where health and wellness are incorporated in their regular day-to-day routine.

The changes that have come into the work-force over the last few years have also been dramatic and cause for curiosity as to how one can adapt while still maintaining the rigor and healthy routine that’s described. Helen Schifter can explain her insights in ways that have a markedly different impact than others. There are efficient ways for even the busiest businesspeople to treat health and wellness, no matter how stressful their work environments might be. The stresses of commercial settings can often cause adverse effects on one’s health and wellness.

But in leading a healthy life, one can never lose sight of the main objective and goal that is of course, a shared one. For instance, the idea that business takes priority over health needs to be thrown out by the waist-side. In the absence of this dynamic, health and wellness will never be able to be taken as seriously as it should be. And this is an unfortunate reality that needs to be better understood and clarified for those that seem not to be able to comprehend it .

For too long, one’s health (at least in business environments) have been taken for granted and neglected at the expense of other priorities. Commercial priorities are important. There’s no sense in equivocating on that. In fact, some might make the argument that since one’s commercial success is tied to one’s livelihood, it actually does play a role in the amount of anxiety that is generated, and thus how healthy a life one leads.

But businessmen like Shalom Lamm have demonstrated that one does not need to view these variables as being mutually exclusive. Instead, one can indeed be surgically focused on the matters they care deeply about surrounding their business, entrepreneurship and more. But at the same time, they can also remain dedicated and devoted to leading healthier lives.