The Dangers of GMOs

Some things are being added to the food that is dangerous for health. According to Helen Lee Schifter, there are many reasons why a person should avoid GMOs. Schifter wants people to know the dangers of GMOs and why they should be avoided.

A GMO is a genetically modified organism. The DNA of the fruit or vegetables has been modified using genetic engineering. There are some reasons why the crops are grown. Some of the reasons stated include they are easier to grow all seasons and are resistant to pests. These crops are becoming more common and while they are easier for farming there are some major concerns when it comes to human consumption. Genetically modified foods do have some downsides.

When a person consumes GMO foods it can trigger an allergic reaction in the body. The foods with genetically modified components are foreign. This is what leads to an allergic reaction. For example, if a person is allergic to nuts and the hormones are put into other foods it can trigger a reaction.

Cancers are a risk for people and they are concerned about GMO food and the chance that they will develop cancer. Cancer is caused by mutations within the DNA. There is a concern that GMO foods will have an impact on the DNA. According to the American cancer society, there is no evidence that GMO foods can lead to cancer but there are no long term studies with the results.

The GMO plants are said to be resistant to herbicides. This is causing the farmers to spray larger quantities of these onto the plants. When the plants are sold they are sold with this high amount of herbicides. Helen Lee Schifter wants people to know that they are not good for a person’s health and the side effects of herbicides are going to be appearing over the next few years. The World Health Organization has named several of these herbicides to be of concern and they are not broken down easily by the body.

Scientists are using GMO foods and allowing farmers to plant them because they feel this is what consumers want. They want foods that are only available in certain seasons all year. Farmers enjoy GMO plants because they are easier to grow and will allow for better farming practices. While it may be easier to farm this does not mean they are safe for people. When the scientific community begins to play around with genes the results can be frightening. This can lead to trouble down the road that no one knows about yet.

These are some reasons when GMO foods are not good for the body. When scientists are playing around with the DNA and the genes of plants this is something to be concerned about. The long term impact of GMO foods on the body and the environment is not yet known. These foods should be avoided and a person should go for foods that they know have not been modified.