Staying Healthy Means Buying Healthy Products Including CBD

Staying healthy is at the top of the food chain when it comes to longevity and New Year’s resolutions.  When finding ways to stay healthier, taking the right CBD product is one of the easiest ways to do this.  It’s also one of the fastest growing areas in the consumer health market. Finding the healthiest products in an unregulated space is also harder than ever.  The CBD industry is growing at a statically measurable rate of over 500 percent rate per annum that equates to over $4B annually in sales just in the U.S., with growth predicted to equal to an additional 2.5 billion in sales in the U.S. by 2025.  

The CBD space is being studied by everyone from industry analyst firms to financial organizations to venture capital firms.  Recently, Statistica released a new report citing not only the explosive growth in the space, but also the key differentiators within it.  According to the report, it isn’t the CBD itself that is the biggest differentiator, but the way it is produced and the testing behind it that matters the most.  

While this may seem unexpected, the reality is that when consumers are thinking about longevity and staying healthy, they are keenly focused on both the products they consume and/or use, as well as the way they are produced.  It’s something we are seeing across industries – from clean skin care and makeup to clean hair and body products to clean supplements and organic vitamins.  In other words, the “clean” part is really the thing that separates one product from another in the minds of consumers. 

The key takeaway from this report and many others is that testing is a major influencer in the decision to purchase a CBD product.  The Statistica report also noted that taste, form, cost, availability, formula, and bottle design were not as important to consumers as safety and the process by which a product is produced.  

CBD products are derived from the oils found in the hemp plant and are processed, after being harvested.  Many products have additives, sugars, unexpected supplementation, or products, and more in them – all of which we don’t realize.  Many of these additives aren’t even noted on the labelling.  In fact, the things that aren’t listed on the bottle are the things consumers care about the most.

How then, can consumers understand what is really in a product?  The only way to prove what is in there is through testing.  And, since the industry isn’t regulated, neither is the testing that is done.  In fact, it is purely optional, in many cases, which surprises many.  There isn’t one standard test that exists to test for everything from contaminants to efficacy to mold and more.  

What does proper testing expose?  Testing is the only way to expose toxins, especially those that the plants are exposed to long before their oils are harvested and throughout the production process.  If you don’t know what contaminants you are ingesting or using from a product than how can you know it is benefitting your health journey?  

This was recently reported this past August by Statistica.  Their report stated that, “as of 2022, 28 percent of cannabidiol (CBD) brands in the United States did not test their products for pesticide contamination. Only seven percent of brands tested all their products for contamination from pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes.”   

Essentially, the report is literally exposing that companies are doing the exact opposite of what they are guaranteeing their customers they are supposedly doing.  Even those that are labelled organic don’t measure how organic they are, or how the hemp plants the oil came from was grown.  If the water was bad, the soil was contaminated, or something like roundup was used, then there could be significant toxins in the final consumer product that might never be known or shared.  The onlhy way to know the true exposure of a product is to test the plants, the soil, and the final product every step of the way.

Nesas Hemp is a full spectrum CBDa oil which is completely organic – originating with the soil and remaining organic all the way to the bottle.  Nesas maintains and grows their own Hemp plants.  They put their products through rigorous third-party testing that far exceeds anyone in the CBD industry today.  Consumers know that when they are buying Nesas they are getting a product that is “beyond organic.” 

The company doesn’t just grow the plants and extract the oils.  Instead, they created their own proprietary soil to grow the plants in.  This was done to give their customers the confidence that everything they do is beyond organic – at every stage of the process. “Nesas harvest is also very precise”, says CEO, Inesa Ponomariovaite.  In fact, “everything, at every step, is precise and we are 100% organic every step of the way, from the soil to the bottle” notes Inesa.  

Nesas CEO and Founder Inesa Ponomariovaite knows she is providing the healthiest product on the market. She also has the intense third party testing to prove it.  Inesa understands that to maximize the medicinal value of each plant she must keep it alive throughout the entire process.

“Because our plants remain alive and intact through our processes, we are the first company to get the Certification of Safety Seal from the FDA registered ACS Laboratories.  Our products are proven to be safe from heavy metals, mercury, pesticides, mold, and many other harmful toxins that most companies don’t worry about,” said Inesa Ponomariovaite, CEO and Founder.