It’s Time to Fix the Healthcare Payments System

healthcare payments

Despite the new delta variant, many are trying to maintain a sense of normalcy and get back to their pre-pandemic routines. One such routine is the regular trips we make to the doctor’s office. How many times have you had to sit a long time to fill out forms by hand, only to have the office admin re-enter the same information into their computer system? How wasteful is the current system? Each year, $190 billion in unnecessary spending goes to the administration of healthcare payments. A big worry on people’s minds is on unexpected medical bills. 67% of Amerians worry they couldn’t afford a surprise medical bill.

Healthcare payments is a system that is begging for disruption, not to mention all of the time savings and error reduction.

There are next level kiosk technologies that allow for not only OCR check in of a patient’s identification and insurance information, but also the ability for a patient to see all open balances, co-pays, and the ability to pay down their account. This is a tremendous boon to the industry for all.
Learn more about how contactless check in for healthcare can benefit both the patient and the payer system / doctor’s office in the visual deep dive below:

Insurance Card Image Processing With Eligibility
Source: PracticeSquire