The Truth About COVID Vaccine Facts

COVID vaccine facts

With all sorts of conspiracy theories spreading like wildfire on the internet and empowered by social media, it’s important to show credible information and fight misinformation. While some people aren’t necessarily part of the anti vaccination movement, they may be hesitant in receiving the COVID vaccine. Typical reasons for this are that the COVID vaccine was developed in record time and not effectively tested enough as well as that it is unsafe and bad for your health.

Let’s examine some of these myths and match them up to COVID vaccine facts:

1 – The vaccine was developed in record time / too quickly. 

While there is a kernel of truth to this, part of the reason why the COVID vaccines have been able to develop so quickly is that they were based on existing research from previous flu viruses and prior coronaviruses. Additionally, the government was able to fast track through the system, allowing some of the bureaucratic red tape to be avoided.

2 – The vaccine is unsafe and bad for your health.

There is no credible evidence or research and vaccines overall are bad for your health or cause autism.  The COVID-vaccine, while it may have minor side effects, won’t give you COVID.

As they say, information is power. Do your part in sharing COVID vaccine facts responsibly through using the visual deep dive below:

Covid Vaccine