Imtazur Rahman: How to create your dream wedding with an affordable budget!

Learn insider advice from an experienced Canadian wedding planner

Everyone has their own idea on what an ideal ideal wedding ought to be like. It’s all part and parcel of the love that is a part of this special wedding day.

But! However… weddings can be expensive.

As time passes, the cost will only increase. There are a lot of things to think about including the location the wedding dress, the wedding cake, your dinner and entertainment, the wedding pictures to print and save along with the cost of your wedding.

A lot of newlyweds are in debt due to spending lots of money on making plans for their wedding. This isn’t a good way to begin your wedding!

For insider tips about how to create your dream wedding on the budget, Imtazur Rahman from Canada is scheduled to talk to us about planning your wedding with a limited budget.

What is the cost average of weddings?

Imtazur Rahman – This might not be a shock to your readers, but weddings that are budget-friendly are becoming more popular nowadays, with an ever-growing cost of weddings. The average American wedding was priced at $34,000 two years ago. In 2019, the cost jumped to $28,000. (The average wedding budget was just $19,000).

What’s the biggest wedding-planning cost?

Imtazur Rahman: The most expensive thing is the location. The typical venue is about 10,000, which is about the half of the budget. If the venue offers food tables, drinks chairs, linens and tables the cost could be between $12,000 and $14,000.

It could be that the cost is higher or less expensive dependent on the location you’re hosting the wedding ceremony. It is also contingent on the number of guests are attending.

What are some other wedding costs?

Imtazur Rahman: Apart from the catering/venue There are at most three factors that could affect the finances of newlyweds.

The engagement rings

  • Engagement rings are typically the sign of a relationship and can be very costly. Prices can vary based on the design the manufacturer, design and the stone you select however, the majority of engagement rings cost between $5,000 and $5,000.

Music & Entertainment

  • The reception is a crucial element of the wedding reception. It will differ based on the kind of entertainment you select. The cost of live entertainment is $3000 and DJs are lower at $2,200.

Photography and Videography

  • Videos and photos are crucial to keep the memory of your special day. Professional photography can cost you about $2000, while videography service will cost around $1,000.

What is the most effective advice you could give couples planning weddings on the budget?

Imtazur Rahman: I believe the biggest challenge brides and grooms must face when planning their wedding is establishing the reasonable budget for their finances. Some of my clients have come to me with budgets that range as $8,000-$15,000 which I consider acceptable. It’s possible to organize a wedding for this cost. It’s up the couple to determine whether the budget they have chosen will be in line with their desires.

It is important to understand the budget you have set will permit you to design the wedding you desire. It is not possible to make your dream wedding happen in any price range. You’ll spend more money if you attempt to make your dream wedding happen with any type of limitation. That’s why I stress the term “realistic.”

What are brides and grooms able to do to ease the strain on their wedding budgets?

Imtazur Rahman – Do what you can to make concessions as often as you can. There is no have to sacrifice the things that you must own or at the very least, you should not. You are able to offer concessions (and it can be any thing) Here’s what I mean by concessions:

  1. Change the date of your wedding It is possible to have your wedding on a weekday, instead of a Sunday or a Saturday. This can reduce your costs for the venue.
  2. It is possible to organize your wedding reception and reception at the same time! It is cheaper to choosing a single venue since venues are among the biggest expenses of organizing the wedding.
  3. Limit your guest list! Which are the top guests that you need to have on hand to attend your wedding? This is an important aspect to consider. If you have more guests invite, it’ll force you to set aside a bigger budget. Not just for the location as well as for other aspects of your wedding.
  4. Create your own favors This is an activity that my clients are enthralled to complete particularly because wedding favors can be very expensive.

You could talk about the many compromises you could make to help make your dream day happen in your budget. You’ll know the concept. Give up the things that won’t make the occasion unforgettable for you!

Do you have any last-minute suggestions for those who is planning a wedding on a budget?

Imtazur Rahman Don’t be afraid to seek assistance! This doesn’t mean you need to consult your wedding coordinator. Family and friends are equally crucial! Invite them to join in and create an unforgettable day for everyone. They’ll be delighted to help you celebrate your wedding day, I’m certain.

Where can our readers locate you?

Imtazur Rahman If you require professional help organizing your wedding, I have the website that you can access.