How To Protect Your Pet From Toxins from the Environment

How To Protect Your Pet From Toxins from the Environment

For many pet owners, their pets are like their own children. For that reason, we all do our best to protect them from any hazards that may be around. If you’re wanting to protect your pet from toxins from the environment, then it’s important that you make changes around your lifestyle to ensure that they are kept safe. Here are some examples of ways you can protect your pet from toxins in the environment.

1. EMF Protection for Pets
There are a number of health conditions that correlate with continuous EMF exposure, such as cancer, heart disease and even accelerated aging. Of course you’ll want to find ways to protect your pets from EMF. You can purchase a simple tag to hang on your dog’s collar, such as this EMF protection for pets tag, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your dog or cat are getting the protection they need. The tag neutralizes all forms of EMF, including 5g, meaning you’ll be doing all you can to keep your pets safe.

2. Secure Trash Bags
Cats and dogs especially are well known for breaking into rubbish bags and going through their contents. There are a variety of things that they can ingest from trash bags that can pose huge dangers to their lives, such as batteries, medications, and chemical products. Where possible always store your trash bags in a designated trash bin, ideally with a lid that makes it impossible for your pets and pets of others to break in and ingest potentially toxic things.

3. Store Vitamins and Medicines Properly
A blister packet left on the bench may seem harmless, but a dog can easily climb up and begin to chew on it, potentially putting their health at risk. The amount of medicine in a single blister packet can be enough to have toxic effects on our smaller sized pets. It is best to store medicines in a cupboard or cabinet that they cannot access.

4. Keep Cleaning Products Out of Reach
When planning your home around pets, you almost have to think of them as small children who are capable of getting into almost anything, but not capable of knowing what’s dangerous for them. For that reason, I suggest keeping cleaning products out of reach, to ensure that your pets don’t actually ingest something toxic, like an ant trap or some bleach. Ideally you should keep your cleaning products in a locked cupboard, but if that’s not an option better somewhere high and out of reach.

Often we don’t consider how the toxins in our environment can affect our pets, but the reality is if it’s likely dangerous for young children, then it’s probably worth worrying about for your pets, too. Making these small changes will ensure your pets are healthy and safe, and you can relax a little more.