How to Make Exercise Become a Habit

Exercise is an extremely important aspect of life, and one that is all too often ignored by the masses. Some will start working out, but will quickly give up on it, and this is the hardest part about living healthy. People have to make their routine a matter of habit, and this article will go over a few different ways to do so. But firstly this article will explain why it is very important to regularly exercise.

Helen Lee Schifter said recently in addressing the global health crisis that, “Health and wellness is an incredibly important part of all of our lives. Unfortunately, it’s also something that is consistently overlooked and even neglected. That has got to change.”. Exercise can improve a person’s immune system, strengthen the body, lengthen one’s life, and even vastly improve heart health. Now let’s go over some of the ways that they can form a habit of regularly exercising.

Engrain It Into Your Schedule

If someone forces themselves to exercise at the same time every day, then their body will almost crave sticking to that habit. This will be like brushing teeth, and they won’t be able to ignore it. One of the best times to do this is soon after someone wakes up, and the reason for this is it will get their blood flowing for the day, and allow them to reach a certain level of clarity.

Treat Yourself For Sticking To It

This tip is not suggesting that a person throws away all the work they have achieved by having some kind of cheat day, but some kind of reward will go a long way in building up this habit. One reward that people could use would be going to the movies, or going out to a nice steak house for some food. There is a word of warning here, and it is that people need to make sure they don’t go overboard in rewarding themselves, or they’ll risk the “rewards” just becoming a habit. Once every couple of weeks, or even once a month is a good idea.

Have a Workout Buddy

This tip will help some people a lot, because they find it hard to commit to something by themselves. With someone else helping them stick to it they will find it to be a breeze. Choose a sibling or really good friend to start this journey with, and the two of them can help to inspire one another.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals allows people to look back at their progress with clear eyes, and it allows them to keep achieving these goals so that they don’t become disheartened. One such goal that they could set would be to lose 5 pounds in a month, or to run a sub 15 minute mile. Using this tip will help them to achieve goal after goal, and never lose their motivation.

In Conclusion

There are many types of exercise, so find the one that fits people the best and use these tips to stick to it, Helen Schifter recommends yoga as an excellent one for people to try out.