How to Fix Your Damaged Hair

Salon treatments are everything to modern hair care routines.  People from all walks of life love to get their hair professionally treated, colored, and styled, and always look amazing.  However, the secret behind this trend is that hair treatments by heat, bleach, or color actually damage your hair, breaking down its individual proteins and weakening the keratin, leaving hair more susceptible to damage, cracking, or frizz.  Your hair cuticles have actually become damaged at almost a molecular level, leaving hair more porous and prone to breakage or splitting.  The disulfide bonds within your hair’s cortex actually break down, leaving your hair more brittle than it is naturally.This is frustrating because the very thing that makes us more beautiful is actually also taking away from our long term beauty.  Damaged hair over time becomes more frayed and holds its shape less, loses so much shine, and is less bouncy.  If you have noticed your hair becoming damaged or less voluminous over time, chances are it has been damaged by either professional treatment or something similar that you have done in your own home.

Is There a Fix?

Thankfully, you are not alone.  So many people experience this degradation of hair health that it has become an area of scientific research.  If your hair is damaged, how are you supposed to heal it?

Enter a product for damaged hair repair called k18 hair pep, a revolutionary bio-designed product that targets damaged hairs, repairs the collagen and keratin, and actually generates new growth as if by magic.  The result of over a decade of bioscience research and developed by noted biotechnologist professor Artur D Cavaco-Paulo, peptide hair care leaves people feeling that their hair is smoother, less brittle, has more shine, and has less breakage overall.  In addition, color treatments stay vibrant and beautiful for even longer due to the health of the hair.  

How Does it Actually Work?

Believe it or not, this product is actually designed to target specific broken keratin chains, delivering the proper amino acid that stimulates the diffusion of keratin, actually stimulating hair repair and creating new growth.  After over a decade of bioscientific research, a formula was found that mapped the entire active keratin genome of hair and a peptide was developed to reconnect the broken keratin chains, restoring bounce, elasticity, and resilience.  At the end of the day, the result is smoother, softer hair with less breakage and more shine.  The results are visible and tangible and will leave you happier about your hair, all without any added silicone or fillers.  All peptide products are free of parabens, sulfates, sodium chloride, artificial colors, formaldehyde substances, or any other ingredient that may cause even longer lasting damage.   

Why Peptide?

Peptide treatments are so beneficial because of the science behind their application.  While the majority of off the shelf hair care products tend to focus just on the external look of your hair, peptide hair treatment actually has a lasting positive effect on your hair’s internal health.  Its dramatic results only take about four minutes to appear, and your hair will be significantly healthier.  The best part is that you can either administer peptide treatments yourself at home as a sort of hair mask, or you can ask your salon professional to apply a treatment during your next salon appointment.  So, next time you go to get your hair bleached, colored, or treated with heat or chemicals, peptide will be your best bet to ensure that you come out looking as beautiful as you possibly can.  Peptide is a low maintenance product that offers maximum benefits to you while still remaining lightweight, and it is flexible enough to work for all hair types; any and all hair that has been damaged due to professional treatment or any other kinds of heat, bleach, or color damage will benefit!

Long Lasting Effects

Peptide, unlike so many other mainstream hair care products, does not just wash out; it does not disappear, and it is not in and out of your hair like shampoo or conditioner.  Combine it with healthy nutritional decisions to support your hair (diets higher in protein and getting plenty of Vitamins E and C to support collagen production in your hair), and peptide treatments will actually revolutionize your hair care routine, fixing your damaged hair and keeping it fixed.  You can restore almost all of your hair’s natural elasticity and strength because the hair cuticles are actually being regenerated over time.

In Summary

Having healthier hair is completely possible! Repairing the damage your hair has sustained can be as simple as incorporating one single product into your routine, especially right after you get your hair treated.  One simple application of a peptide regeneration product can completely change the way you look at damaged hair forever.