Changes in Medicine

After years of experience in the medical field, Chanoch Harow is being put to the text. COVID-19 is spreading still, especially in Florida. Harow resides in North Palm Beach and lives there with his beautiful family and wife. With about six hundred and five thousand cases in Florida, the Emergency Rooms, ICU units, and regular clinics are flooded with patients. Though cases seem to have stabilized in the last week, COVID-19 is very unpredictable. Dr. Harow is very proud of his Jewish heritage and treats all his patience with kindness. He is also a fellow and works full time at West Boca Medical Center, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. With such an uncommon virus circulating the globe, Harow is putting his best foot forward in order to save lives. 

In addition to working his normal crazy hours, he sometimes chooses to stay at the hospital for days in order to help his incoming patience. Being such a good father, he is terrified of transmitting the virus to Rachel Harow or his children. Thanks to his dedication and valor, many people are going home after treatment. With the death rate being a terrifying number in Florida, Harow makes sure to keep his staff calm and safe. Overall, this doctor has proven to be the reason why it’s earlier for fir the rest of us to sleep at night.