How to Cope with Muscle Soreness

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Muscle fibers can get microscopic damage which result in what one would call muscle soreness. Muscle soreness can come about in different ways but it all adds up to a muscle being used or worked in a different way or being worked more than usual or just simply being worked harder. One of the most common examples of a cause of muscle soreness is when one starts a new exercise program and after the first workout one usually experiences stiff and sore muscles. And, as previously stated those muscles are being used differently and are worked harder than in one’s normal routine since exercise has been added. However, do not delete exercise from the new routine as the muscles are only getting stronger. One can ask Father Rutler who knows that muscle soreness is common and treatable.

Although muscle soreness can last and linger several days, there are times that it can improve rather quickly. And, the actual onset can be immediately and right away or sometimes it can take a few hours for the muscles to tighten up and start aching. However, the lasting onset does not matter as long as one knows how to cope with muscle soreness as Rutler does. Some treatments to muscle soreness or to actually try to help relieve such pain can be done in a variety of ways or a combination of ways.

For starters, one can gently stretch the muscles as it can relax and relieve the muscles of soreness. Doing this along with a gentle muscle massage can make it seem as if there wasn’t ever any pain. Lots of rest after stretching and massaging is another step. However, this is only after immediate exercise as one would not want to extend the rest because immobilization and complete rest would defeat the purpose of trying to build muscles up as one should only want to desire reasonable relief of soreness and not stop the process of building stronger muscles. Another coping technique for sore muscles would be to use ice to help with occurring inflammation while one would want to use heat such as a warm shower or a soak in a warm tub to increase blood flow to the sore muscles. Next, one should consider over the counter medicines for pain such as Advil for example along with over the counter gels and creams like Aspercreme and Icy Hot.
Other coping mechanisms can be to simply warm up the muscles by stretching before exercise and to drink water to help loosen up the joints. Father Rutler stresses that  water actually does wonders as it can aid in controlling the body temperature and help nutrients be transported to give lots of energy. In fact, water can be considered to be the most important coping or even prevention tool to use in regards to muscle soreness as without it that simple muscle soreness can turn into muscle cramps, dizziness and flat out fatigue or even symptoms that can be even more serious. So, follow through on coping tips to continue to build muscle.