BlueChew Review: It’s Personal and Private

What if you found out that one of the secrets of success in the bedroom is just a click away?  Through that simple phone call, you could make a positive change in your life.

BlueChew is a telemedicine service that delivers confidence directly to your home in discreet packaging. BlueChew takes a personal approach to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).  Your privacy will never be compromised. The BlueChew method is all about creating positive experiences.

BlueChew is prescribed online and delivered to your door. It’s a simple process to set up a subscription account. Once you’re online, a BlueChew licensed medical provider reviews your health history to see if the tablets are the right match for you. The medicine is delivered in chewable form, and it can contain one of two proven ED treatments: Sildenafil and Tadalafil. 

Sildenafil is the key ingredient in Viagra and Tadalafil is the key ingredient in Cialis. Both of those drugs have a proven track record in assisting patients with ED. But this BlueChew review reveals that the company isn’t prescribing a generic version of those medicines. Instead, BlueChew offers those same trusted ingredients but in a chewable tablet, individually packaged. .

 If the tablets are a good fit for you, your BlueChew medical provider will prescribe the medicine in the appropriate strength. You decide how many chewable tablets you’d like and how often you want them delivered. Your subscription offers four different tiers of quantity and frequency.

Your selections can easily be changed online if you would like more tablets delivered more often. You are also free to cancel your subscription at any time. That flexibility wins points in every BlueChew review.

 BlueChew sends your medication through the mail. You don’t have to remember to make a stop at a pharmacy and deal with technicians and cashiers or have awkward conversations. Your tablets always arrive at your home in plain packaging. Your privacy will never be compromised because your postal carrier won’t even know what is being delivered.

Every BlueChew review mentions how easy and convenient chewable medicine is. The tablets are easy to take anywhere at any time without having to get a glass of water. If the mood strikes, you can grab a chewable tablet and let it begin to work. These tablets are also proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. BlueChew reviews also mention how easy the process is from start to finish. And you never have to leave home. It’s prescribed online and delivered to your door.

 Our licensed medical providers screen potential subscribers to ensure that they are 18 years old or older and are good candidates for the tablets. Our chewables ship across the U.S. with the exceptions of North Dakota and South Carolina You never know when a special moment will present itself. You may get a surprise middle of the night visit from your significant other or your partner may return a few days early from a business trip. Or maybe the program you are binge-watching takes a sexy turn, and you are feeling inspired. As a BlueChew subscriber, you are always prepared to meet those intimate moments. And you’ll find yourself endorsing the product with a positive BlueChew review of your own.  It’s time to chew!

 BlueChew subscribers know that their well-being and happiness is at the center of the entire company. That’s why BlueChew places such an emphasis on personal connections and privacy. From the initial log-in to the contact with a licensed medical provider to a package arriving in the mail, BlueChew knows it’s your business and no one else’s.

 Get started today with BlueChew and see if it is the ED solution that’s right for you. It’s personal and private, and only you know when it’s time to chew.