How California Nursing Homes and Wellness Centers Overall Response to COVID-19

Elderly Care

The COVID-19 pandemic took the entire world by storm and left many people struggling to get the care and help they needed. While many people were struggling to get help, others were sacrificing themselves to provide necessary care. In the state of California, the medical professionals in hospitals, first responders, and essential workers in nursing homes and other elderly resident homes went above and beyond to make sure that the people they cared for were healthy.

Workers and even owners such as Shlomo Rechnitz, in nursing home and wellness center locations did not nearly get enough credit for the amazing work that they did to take care of their patients. These workers worked tirelessly to ensure that all patients and residents were healthy and had minimal exposure to the virus and others outside of the homes. They spent endless hours away from their families and put themselves at risk to help others. They went above and beyond to care for others and to ensure minimal risk and deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

California nursing homes were one of the main areas of success during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there were many deaths within the first few months of the pandemic, these nursing homes and wellness centers found great long-term success. After realizing how the virus works and transmits, the caretakers, medical professionals, and other workers within the homes took great care and paid very close attention to every resident in their home.

According to recent statistics from the California Department of Public Health, there are now less than 6 deaths per day in the state of California in nursing homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 85 percent of nursing home residents in the state have been vaccinated. The ability of the workers in nursing homes to distribute the vaccine to all people who wanted it has helped reduce the infection and death count. Recent statistics have also shown that COVID-19 cases have dropped over 96 percent in these facilities. This is due to the great work of those who work in these facilities, the availability and distribution of the vaccine and the safety measures that were taken by the residents themselves.

California nursing homes and wellness centers took a lot of criticism for how they handled the disease during the height of pandemic. They put their residents on lock down, prevented visitors from visiting and enacted many different safety protocols. While they were given some criticism, it turns out that their work and quick thinking helped save thousands of lives. They took these steps and put themselves at risk to save the more elderly populations.

Since there have been a great number of vaccines given to those living and working in the state’s nursing homes, the nursing homes have almost all opened back up. Family and friends are now able to enter the facilities to visit their family. They can sit and talk with them, even though close interactions are still highly discouraged. Rapid testing, availability of masks and the vaccine has made all this possible.

There are now many stories coming out from people all over the country who are giving praise to the workers of these facilities, law makers and medical professionals. They are giving their thanks and appreciation to all that kept their family and friends safe during the devastating pandemic.

There was recently a story released about a couple that was married for sixty years and allowed to see each other for the first time since the pandemic happened. They were in tears because they missed each other, but also because they were both healthy and alive during times of uncertainty and frustration. While things were not yet back to normal, they were happy to just see each other and sit near each other again. The last several months were incredibly difficult for them and others like them, but the care and innovation that took place over the last year helped keep them safe and healthy and able to see each other again and spend decades more together.

There have also been other stories throughout the last year that have been released about elderly people who were saved from the pandemic. One of the most captivating stories was from an elderly woman who was scared for her life during the pandemic. She gave great thanks to the workers in her nursing home that kept her safe and free from hospitalization during these trying times. She was unable to see her family and friends and was isolated from others, but these measures kept her healthy and alive to reconnect with her family and friends. This made the times even more special. She was able to tell her story and share her thanks for everyone that allowed her to reconnect with family and friends.

The work of the medical professionals, nursing home workers, and other essential workers sacrificed their time and health to care for those who cannot care for themselves. The took time away from their family and put themselves in harm’s way to care for those who were most at risk. While they delivered exceptional care to the elderly in these homes, they also took extra time to ensure that they were not isolated. They were a person and friend to them for years to ensure that they always mentally stimulated and emotionally cared for. They helped bath them, give them medicine, talk to them, and listen to their concerns and frustrations. These workers went above and beyond their normal duties and job responsibilities. The residents, their family and friends are all starting to take note of the work that was done and are showing appreciation for them each day.