Focus: The Energy Drink of Tomorrow

focus drinks

Caffeine, sugar, and other substances are an essential part of many people’s daily routine. 42% of people regularly consume some sort of food or drink to help with focus. In the U.S, the average consumption of caffeine annually is 85 liters. It’s a massive market, and it puts a band-aid on a massive issue.

Now, more than ever, distractions are everywhere. Marketing has only gotten better and better, phones are infinitely addictive. Technology has countless wonderful effects, but it undeniably distracts. People now are getting less sleep, doing less work, and feeling less focused. 

For many, the answer to this is caffeine. This is problematic for a few reasons. Mainly, caffeine provides energy, but not focus. Caffeine can help with a restless night, but it can’t help with the countless distractions. Caffeine drinks also tend to be unhealthy, heavy in sugar, and easily exceed daily recommendations on caffeine.

So what can people do? There are some practical solutions, things like changing one’s habits. Moving away from one’s phone, working out, eating better, these are the keys to change. Unfortunately though, they’re hard, really hard. People still want something to replace that coffee and something that can hopefully help with focus.

This is where new brands like the WakeUp formula come in. Instead of heavily caffeinated and sugary drinks, new brands are attempting to target focus. This means more vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It’s healthy because realistically, that’s how one escapes distraction. Not through easy tricks or quick buzzes. These are the energy drinks of tomorrow.

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