Daily Affirmations in the Morning

Sometimes the last thing people want to do is get out of bed and become motivated. Motivation comes from the inside, and it is something a person drags out of their mind. Getting together a daily affirmation system such as saying “I will make money,” is something that can help a person get up in the morning. Lack of motivation is cured by desire to succeed at something. Success comes from many small steps taken in the right direction. 

Motivating oneself comes from patience and experience. Affirmations can be made such as “I will make money,” or “I’m going to make it a great day.” Lazy people do not know how to let motivation arise within them. A lazy person does not want to do anything with their time. Lacking in motivation can happen from brain chemicals not being right in a lazy person’s head. Depressed people can get lazy at times because depression clouds the mind through no fault of their own. Depression is something treatable with medication; which can light the spark of motivation inside.

Daily affirmations like “make it a great day,” can help someone get the determination to do something with their life. Not everybody has the drive to succeed, since some people do not have drive or ambition to make their dreams come true. Dreams propel us to move forward with our lives. To have a dream makes life worth living. Motivated people have the end of a project in mind while unmotivated types do not. People who lack motivation do not have a need to succeed. Affirmations such as “I am successful” do help a motivated person focus on achievement given they are given just one 24-hour period like everybody else.

Daily affirmations such as “success is around the corner,” certainly helps a person put one foot in front of the other. Entrepreneurs have to keep going, in particular when they run into snags. In life there are often hoops thrown in a person’s way, it is up to the person how they decide to handle it. Jewish entrepreneur Shalom Lamm is a huge believer that self determination significantly helps him achieve his goals. Sometimes though the mere act of feeling motivated could almost be construed as a privilege.
Some people may see the homeless or low-income as people who lack motivation. They are the sorts of people who may not have as many resources as the next person. Everybody has access to the faculty of motivation, which can be used when someone taps into it. Daily affirmations work to bring a person out of an amotivational state that can happen to a depressed person. Motivation is not a struggle for some people while it can be for others. Shalom Lamm believes that, when in a positive and optimistic mindset, people can accomplish great things and can become successful.