5 Healthy Outdoor Pursuits for the Active Person

We are all anxiously waiting for the end of 2020, hoping it will also see the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected all parts of the world, especially here in the UK. The tiered lockdowns have caused us all major inconvenience and we certainly do appreciate the great outdoors that we once took for granted, and if you would like to take up a new outdoor activity, here are a few great ideas to consider as we move into 2021.

  1. Hiking – There’s no better way to experience the great British countryside than a good hike along a nature trail and there are so many beautiful regions in the UK. If you wrap up warm, you can hike all year round and the Internet can help you source the best hiking trails, but even if you are strictly a summer hiker, you can spend the long weekends exploring the stunning natural areas of the countryside.
  2. Off-Road Motorcycling – If you’re looking for the perfect off-road bike, look no further than the amazing Honda CRF250L, the latest addition to the Honda off-road series of bikes. The bike is lightweight, powerful and extremely durable and with the right protective gear, there are many off-road biking venues in all regions of the UK. If you acquire a small bike trailer, you can hitch it up to the family car and take your dirt bike to many of the great riding venues.
  3. Take Up Golf – If you are the kind of person who isn’t getting out enough, why not take up the sport of golf? There is a small investment to buy the golf clubs and bag, but once you have these, you can practice on the driving range and play a game of golf over the weekend. Golf is quite an addictive game, so expect to spend all your free time hitting golf balls and it is also very healthy to walk and play an 18-hole course. Click here for a few more great outdoor activities to keep you fit.
  4. Mountain Bike Riding – It is easy to understand why mountain bike riding is so popular here in the UK, as you get more than enough exercise, while also enjoying the amazing natural beauty that surrounds us all. Simply invest in a decent mountain bike and you are good to go, oh, and don’t forget to wear a safety helmet and make sure your bike is illuminated when riding in the early mornings and evenings.
  5. Archery – Another sport that is growing in popularity, you might have a hidden talent like Robin Hood and if you enjoy shooting arrows, why not enter into competition? Start by sourcing an archery centre online and make a booking for some introductory archery lessons, then you can acquire a basic bow and some arrows.

The above are just a few ways that you can spend some quality time pursuing outdoor activities and when the New Year is over, we can hope that things will return to some form of normality.