Engagement Through Digital Events

digital engagement

Digital events are just one of the many changes seen post-pandemic. Motivated by practicality and ease, digital events are predicted to be 40% of all events in 2022. Events in this case meaning business events and functions. And even those that aren’t completely digital are a majority hybrid, meaning at least some aspect is digital. Hybrid events take advantage of the digital benefits without suffering the downsides.

What are these benefits and downsides? Digital engagement platforms allow everyone to connect remotely, making access as simple as possible. They are cheaper to produce, promote focus, and most notably increase employee engagement. It’s easier to feel connected and comfortable while enjoying an event in one’s own space.

This does have downsides though. Most notably, digital events tend to require video calls where everyone shows their face. This technology is still extremely imperfect, creating unnatural amounts of eye contact and reducing body language signs. There is also the prominent issue of connection issues. Not everyone can have the most stable connection, and sometimes errors simply happen.

Luckily, these benefits are only predicted to improve with time. While there will always be a place for physical events, digital events can only get better. This means that while digital events already foster a high amount of engagement, the errors listed above will slowly fade. Eventually this may mean that digital events are simply preferred for more practical events. In the end, only time will tell.

The power of virtual events
Source: engagez.com