Checking Yourself for Sun Damage  

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Father George Rutler Discusses How People Can Check Their Bodies For Sun Damage

For many people, summertime is the best time to enjoy long spells of sweet summer sunshine. But here is the fact that people who love spending time outdoors during summer will find it shocking. Prolonged exposure to the sun often results in skin aging and damage.

We bet that individuals who have been spending lots of time in the sun might be wondering what remedies are available to offset further damage to their skin. Fortunately, this post covers some of the frequently asked questions about skin damage resulting from sunshine exposure. Readers will also find treatments and remedies in this post.

Know How Much Sunshine is Too Much

Spending time outdoors lets people connect with nature. But scientists are warning that more hours outdoors increases your chances of developing skin conditions. On the other hand, sunlight exposure is important. It helps the human body develop strong bones by enhancing the production of Vitamin D, which is vital in the body’s calcium absorption process.

Sunlight is, therefore, important in the prevention of weak bone structures and certain health conditions. And this is why people should not contemplate totally avoiding sunlight exposure. Instead, protecting the body from direct sunlight will go a long way in protecting the skin.

Consequences of Excess Sun Exposure

Prolonged sunlight exposure can make a person suffer different health risks and concerns. Below are two of the most significant health risks.

Developing Skin Cancer: Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, and it can be caused by excess sun exposure. The sun’s rays have a harmful UV light, which hinders cell processes such as cell regeneration. When this happens, an individual’s healthy skin is destroyed.

The development of Cosmetic changes to an individual’s skin: Different cosmetic changes will develop on the skin affected people do not cut down on their sunlight exposure duration. The changes could be the formation of moles or freckles. Sometimes, the changes can take the shape of smooth lines on the skin or wrinkles. People who get too much sunlight exposure might develop leathery skin that has a dried appearance.

How to Shield Your Skin from Sun Damage

Protecting the skin from sun damage is possible, and individuals should opt for it. When it comes to health matters, Father George Rutler insists that prevention is always better than cure. Consequently, people who shield their skin from sunlight exposure will notice a huge difference in their skin’s health. Shielding the skin from harmful sun rays will also play a huge role in helping people reduce their chances of developing skin cancer and skin cosmetic damages.

Always Use Sunscreen

The best thing to do when going outdoors is to apply sunscreen. Experts recommend the use of broad-spectrum sunscreen since it offers protection from different UV light. Outdoor goers should also bring lightweight sunscreen for use on the face, hands, and other areas that might receive direct sunlight exposure.
Father George Rutler advises people exposed to the sun for extended durations should remember to re-apply their sunscreens every two hours. Rutler also claims that thorough skin inspections under bright light will help people spot marks or signs of skin issues.