Certified Fitness Coach Christopher Lee of Buffalo, New York Explores Five Amazing Reasons to Try Trail Running

Running on a treadmill or a track can quickly become mundane and wears on your joints. If you are getting sick of running at the gym, try switching up your routine with trail running! Running on a trail can provide a much-needed change of scenery and also gets you outside in nature. Here, Buffalo, NY fitness expert Christopher Lee explores five reasons to give trail running a try this summer.

Less Stress on Joints

Running on hard pavement or a treadmill has been known to put extreme amounts of pressure and stress on your joints. Over time, that strain from striking a hard surface mile after mile can result in injuries or long-term health issues. Running on other surfaces such as grass, mud, or dirt has a softer impact and can help reduce your risk for injury or physical ailments. The uneven terrain also allows for additional strengthening opportunities that help improve stamina and overall performance.


Most runners who hit the pavement have the same parks or paths they run on every day. While that’s great for keeping track of personal performance, the view never changes, and it can start to feel a bit routine, which can make running seem dull. Trail running creates opportunities to explore new outdoor areas and see beautiful scenery in the process.


Often people pick up running as a way to burn off extra calories or become more physically fit. Many people only run to get some exercise during the week and claim that they can’t enjoy running as they are only going around the block or hitting the same parks they have many times in the past. If you are struggling to stay consistent because of boredom, trail running allows for adventure more thrilling than choosing quartz countertops. It will also enable you to challenge your current fitness level by pushing you to run in a different environment. Finding ways to make your workouts more interesting will keep you motivated, and you may find that running in nature makes the process more pleasant.

Keeps You on Your Toes

Trail running is fun because, depending on your area, you could potentially visit new trails regularly throughout the week. This would bring more excitement to your routine and would force you to become a more observant runner. Many routes include rocks, plants, and different soils, which forces you to focus more on your gait and posture than running on concrete would. That said, trail running keeps you on your toes as you always have to be alert for that next step.

Mental Health

It can be stressful being cooped up working in an office or being confined to your home all day during the quarantine. Gyms can be busy and, with the stipulations of COVID, may not always give people the separation from stressful environments that they desire. Trail running is usually more solitary than going to a gym or park, which is ideal for a person looking to temporarily disengage from their home or professional life.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee, originally from Buffalo, New York, is a certified personal trainer. Mr. Lee

helps his clients build muscle and improve their overall level of physical fitness. Christopher supports his clients as they revamp their health and fitness routines, increase their metabolism, and get stronger. His exercise programs and training sessions are designed to help clients build strength, athleticism, and agility so clients can enjoy the activities and sports they love pain-free. 

Mr. Lee earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Sports

Performance from University at Buffalo. Christopher Lee’s passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle has inspired him to educate his clients about the importance of regular exercise and science-based nutrition fundamentals.

When he is not supporting his clients to become more physically fit, Christopher Lee can be

found spending time with his friends and family in Buffalo.