Best Adaptogens to Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a struggle that often can feel impossible to make progress with.  Whether you struggle with anxiety as a mental health issue or you just have situational anxiety that pops up whenever you are confronted with an overwhelming or stressful situation, it can seem very difficult to overcome or deal with.  Anxiety, by its nature, reduces who you are as an individual and tells you that you are not enough.  Therefore, it makes sense that you would feel inadequate to handle the feelings that are causing you to feel so vulnerably inadequate.  However, there are several ways to actually confront your anxiety, and some of them actually have long term positive effects that will grow your mental capacity to handle intense or even overwhelming situations.

There are several natural remedies throughout nature that are actually extremely effective in not only combatting anxiety at its source, but also building up your resilience against anxious feelings in the future.  One such natural ingredient is an adaptogen.  Adaptogens are substances that actually build resistance to stress rather than just mitigating it during an immediate overwhelming or anxiety inducing situation. 

Why to Use Adaptogens

Although there are several supplemental ways to combat stress and anxiety, adaptogens are actually among the most useful and most beneficial.  Adaptogens support your body’s ability to both mitigate and deal with stress without actually limiting your body’s ability to react when it needs to.  Adaptogens allow the body to recover from stress very rapidly, allowing you to wind up and cool down when your body needs it rather than subjecting yourself to a long cooldown time that could actually allow stress to bleed into your regular daily life.

One of the most commonly known adaptogens in stress relief chews is called Rhodiola, or Rhodiola rosea.  Native to the colder, mountainous regions of Northern Europe and asia, the Rhodiola rosea plant combats stress by targeting the stress centers of your brain, but because it can actually adapt to your body’s requirements, it is able to also build your resilience to stress in the future.

Feeling Like Your Best Self With Adaptogens

Combatting anxiety is a constant struggle, and it is one that some people struggle to find answers to.  Adaptogens help answer the questions of stress by actually building up over time, allowing you to “get used” to stress while also learning how to achieve goals through the stress you are under.  Being your best self and reducing anxiety can be achieved at once through a regular application of adaptogens.  Whether you choose to use a mood enhancing chew, a natural remedy, or get your adaptogens through regular food or drink, they will be a huge help in reducing stress and anxiety in your daily life.    

Why to Use Adaptogens Rather Than Prescription Medication to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety medication, while a valid application of modern medicine, are very difficult to prescribe and are often dosed incorrectly, causing patients to not receive any of the benefits while having to deal with several side effects.  However, adaptogens are all-natural remedies, are plant based, and are usually renewably sourced.  Most also get their source in centuries, if not millennia, of traditional medicine and have proven results in countless peoples’ lives.  Their effects do not tend to decay overtime because you do not actually build up tolerance to adaptogens, and in fact, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to overdose on any type of natural remedy or supplement like an adaptogen.  So if you find yourself fighting an uphill battle with anxiety medication that seems to go nowhere, give yourself a better chance by supporting your brain and body in a natural way. You actually accelerate your defense against overwhelming environments by reinforcing the idea that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way.  Adaptogens are the best way to accomplish that goal naturally.

In Summary

Living in the information age has countless negative effects on humanity.  In short, we have been thrown head first into the largest social experiment ever undertaken and we find ourselves constantly inundated with an increasing amount of reasons to be anxious.  However, we are also in a world full of ways to combat that anxiety.  Stress can have a serious negative impact on relationships, job performance, adherence to deadlines, and several other social and personal goals.  However, stress does not have the power to ruin your life.  Instead, you are given the opportunity to combat it with a variety of methods, be they cognitive, practical, or in this case, natural.  Adaptogens will serve to not only improve your mood and reduce your stress, but as an added benefit, you will begin to incrementally improve over time in more areas than stress as you see the effects of anxiety slip away.