Ashley Black’s Ted Talk Will Transform Your Beliefs on Tissue Regeneration, Pain, Cellulite, and Other Medical Mysteries… If You Could Only Watch It

If I told you that for less than $100 dollars, you could:

  1. Get rid of cellulite
  2. Reduce inflammation 
  3. Increase collagen levels
  4. Burn more calories a day 
  5. Regenerate connective tissue
  6. More easily manage your weight 
  7. Look younger and fresher than ever
  8. Reduce fat in your body without liposuction
  9. Calm serious chronic pain issues in your body
  10. Trim your waist

…and with no need for a gym, the assistance of an expensive training or training program, or a doctor to guide you, you wouldn’t believe it was possible. Until recently, I would have completely agreed with you.

Ashley Black Talks to TED about Transformation through Fascia Remodeling

On March 24th, 2018, a very exciting, invite-only TED Talk event at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois featured a host of inspiring women. Powerful CEOs and business owners to inventors and social revolutionaries came together at this TEDxWomen’s conference to deliver their specific message of Metamorphosis: The Power of Transformation. That was the theme of this particular TEDx event and these women were here to ‘share ideas worth spreading’.

Ashley Black, 2020 American Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year, the #1 National Bestselling Author, IAOTP Inventor of the Year in 2019, and the innovative and cutting-edge fascia research specialist was among this special crop of women and had her own very special story to share. 

Ashley Black’s talk was about the transformation of health through the regeneration of the connective tissue that covers every inch of our bodies, keeps our muscles and organs in place, and houses our nerves and our blood. That connective tissue is called fascia.  Ashley Black is a fascia expert who got her start changing the career trajectories of professional athletes like Derek Jeter and Hollywood stars like Debra Messing.

Yes, I do mean expert. I like to think of experts in ‘Malcolm Gladwellian terms’. If 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, or research in Ashley’s case, is a necessity for someone to be an Outlier or an expert in their field of study, then Ashley’s two decades of consistent and boundary-pushing fascia research certainly helps her easily command such a title.

So, fascia expert, Ashley Black, commanded her expertise and a room of smart, self-motivated, knowledge-seeking women and gave them her truth TEDx style. She explained how she figured out the connection between cellulite and fascia, how no one studying one, studied the other and simply always missed the FACT that cellulite wasn’t fat, but simply the unhealthy fascia tissue that was mangled and caught, when it should lay smoothly as it does in it’s healthiest state. Ashley talks about her own struggle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and the debilitating, chronic pain of a flesh-eating bacteria in her bone-marrow system derived from a routine hip aspiration. She explains in her TEDx turn that the operations, the constant therapy appointments, and the daily intake of prescribed medication did nothing to quell the constant lightning bolts of pain her nervous system transmitted daily to her ailing body. 

Nothing made a difference until Ashley found fascia. Through decades of research, the true breadth of what was possible when we thoughtfully manipulated our fascia tissue was slowly revealed to her. 

The Positive Effects of Healthy Fascia 

Ashley showed the WillowCreek audience, through before and after photographs of her own clients, that the specific manipulation of your fascia regenerated the tissue and smoothed unhealthy areas, alleviating all types of pain throughout the body. Through photographs and x-rays of participants in independent peer-reviewed medical studies that have helped only to prove and deepen the truth behind Ashley’s research, she showed that along with tissue regeneration came amazing health benefits including a patient who’s scoliosis curve straightened, a virtually bald head of hair on a patient growing back thick and rich, plus depictions of scars vanishing on people , and unhealthy human bodies virtually becoming new again thanks to Ashley’s work. 

Ashley created a science called Fasciology, using unique approaches for tissue regeneration. It caught fire quickly and before long she was using these techniques and homemade self-massage tools on a celebrity client list a mile long, but that was not her end game. Ashley’s true passion was bringing her story of healing to all of us. So she invented the FasciaBlaster because she wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience the freedom from pain plus all of the extraordinary health benefits that came with using her self-massage invention in a consistent and productive manner. Ashley Black brought a gift to the market that allowed everyone to regenerate fascia, the connective tissue network that runs in every space in the body which, in turn, calmed daily aches and pains. Better yet, Ashley gave everyone  a way to do all that and from your own home, all without the assistance of a medical professional.

Once the FasciaBlaster tools were available to the public, Ashley began doing what she loved again full-time and that was educating the masses about the transformative powers of fascia manipulation.   So, you can imagine the excitement when she got a call from sponsors of the Willowcreek TED event. A TED Talk would transport her research and her science out to a whole new audience. 

My Personal Obsession with ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’

TED Talks inspire us to find the answers that will create a better future for us as individuals and as a society. I am an avid TED Talk follower, everyone I work with is aware of my family’s obsession, and they truly do induce the best conversations that happen around my family dinner table. Every week, we pick one that we all watch and then discuss over a meal.  For us, these TEDtables (as we refer to them in our home) are like our spiritual time or our church. I’m blessed to be surrounded by a family of thinkers and TED only helps us to expand these beautiful, sometimes earth-shattering, sometimes mind-bending, but always thought-provoking conversations on to topics that we might not necessarily have explored. 

Knowing of my secret TED obsession, a colleague of mine recently pointed me toward a 22-minute TEDx talk uploaded to a professionally shared Dropbox of a never-before-seen or published talk, and there she was talking about tissue regeneration, fascia, quelling pain through self-massage techniques. I shared the talk with my family and the conversation was fascinating. 

The conversation did not focus on the science Ashley was sharing, the FasciaBlasters were ordered off Amazon long before we all got to the TEDtable that week. The conversation focused on the question my youngest raised before the food was on the table: Why was Ashley NOT on the TED Talk website? This was where we fetched all of the talks that we watched and this talk was certainly in league with other ‘ideas worth spreading’. I won’t bore you with every detail of the conversation but it ranged from trying to guess why this information was not all over medical journals everywhere since doctors all over the world must be studying this  tissue regeneration that covers and penetrates  our entire body to why more tax dollars were not spent to explore it. The conversation continued coming back to the idea that ‘women (and men) all over the world could be grappling with cellulite issues, having all the wrong ideas about it, and allowing it to deplete their self-worth. But now, with one 22-minute TEDx talk, we could identify the real cause and could start to change it’. Not to mention that tissue damage is cited by prestigious research facilities like Harvard University as the genesis of pain and tissue damage is widely known as the root cause of systemic inflammation. After truly delving into the conversation at dinner it was hard to believe that research of this magnitude was not featured on the cover of TIME magazine or receiving a Nobel prize? 

Are Ashley Black‘s FasciaBlaster Techniques Too Transformative?

Ashley Black’s TED presentation shares ideas on fascia tissue regeneration, , and for one reason or another, maybe an oversight or perhaps deliberately, this TED Talk was left off the list that made the TED website roster.

Having independently verified the truth behind the research shared by Ashley Black and watching the people I love use her techniques consistently followed by literal transformation, we made a TEDtable decision last week to share this video. We asked ourselves two simple questions that we believed TED (Technology. Engineering. Design.) would ask before sharing Ashley Black’s presentation:

Is this an idea worth sharing? 

The answer was: YES.

Would this information possibly create a better future for the individual and/or society collectively? 

The answer was: YES.

Watch and Share this transformative TED Talk “How Cellulite Saved My Life” from Fascia Expert and Best-Selling Author Ashley Black.

By William Timmons