Why Teeth Whitening Is Important

Oral hygiene is a very important part of your overall health. Whitening is a part of oral hygiene that gets neglected because people often think of it as a decorative, cosmetic procedure. However, teeth whitening has an impact on your oral health as well as other aspects of your life. The cosmetic side of teeth whitening is nothing to be sneezed at. Having beautiful, white teeth is a great way to lift your confidence. In this article, we will explain just why teeth whitening is important. 

Discoloration of the teeth happens for a variety of reasons. None of them are good. Discoloration occurs because of lifestyle choices or as a reflection of underlying health conditions. These are some of the reasons your teeth may be yellowing or getting a brownish tint: 

Acidic Drinks – Regular drinking soft drinks as well as tea or coffee.

Smoking – Smoking is harmful, not only to your overall health, but your oral health as well. It can impact the colour of your teeth. 

Poor Diets – Having a poor diet can slowly eat away at your teeth and cause discolouration. This is especially true if you consume:

Processed, highly acidic foods

Sugary drinks and candy eat away at ruin enamel. So too do coffee, tea, and wine.

Highly acidic and very sweet fruits.

Aging – Genetic and lifestyle choices start to impact your teeth’s colour when you enter your late 20s or early 30s.

Xerostomia – This is also known as dry mouth condition. This happens when a person produces less than normal amounts of saliva. This means your enamel is not getting the bacteria-fighting agents that come with saliva. 

You need to start dealing with your teeth’s colour and the underlying reasons causing discolouration.

Many dental offices offer teeth whitening alongside other dental services, such as straightening your teeth, allowing you to whiten your teeth while taking care of other aspects of your oral health. Teeth whitening is widely offered because it’s such an important part of your oral hygiene. Many people underestimate the importance of teeth whitening. At a time in which many of us are working from home, the teeth whitening market has exploded. This is because part of working from home means spending time on video conferencing apps like Zoom. On Zoom, your teeth become more prominent and visible because all the attention is focused on your face. How your teeth look means more in this new global paradigm. Having a beautiful, white smile, reflects on you and your business much more today than it did before the global pandemic struck. 

Many restorative dentists recommend teeth whitening after teeth straightening because they recognise that the perfect way to end a dental procedure is to whiten your teeth and restore it to the beauty and pristine whiteness of your childhood. Teeth whitening is an unrivalled way to lift your confidence. Especially ahead of an important Zoom call or a date! 

Some people have a phobia about visiting the dentist. If you are one of those people, you can visit a sedation dentist , who will ensure that you are comfortable during any dental procedure. There’s no reason to defer going to the dentist.